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Established in 1999 by Alan Forrest Smith when he was still a 3 times salon owner, Salon Punk was created to offer salon owners the insider ideas of what really works in salons, how to grow business, clients and how to manage stylists and shop.

The first book for salon owners was written in 1999. This was called Column Builder. the guide for our own salons and then decided to sell the system online to other salons like you. Other books and manuals quickly followed from managing stylists to keeping the salons packed with clients.

Alan Forrest Smith had been a salon owner of nearly 20 YEARS trained salons from UK to the rest of the world Sold salon marketing manuals globally. 

Today we offer salon owners, managers and stylists proven systems of getting salons packed through our live training events, consulting and manuals and articles.

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Salon Punk Mission

Packed Salons

To get you busy so you can live a happier life knowing your salon is giving you what you need in your life!

Happy Stylists

Keeping your best stylists and keeping them happy is essential.

Packed Columns

Keep your columns packed, even during quiet days.
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