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Being a salon owner was a shit

I’ll say this once. Don’t be offended it is what it is. When I was a salon owner sometimes it was shit! Shit being the boss. Shit owning the salon. Shit being in control. Shit trying so hard and getting so little back at times. And shit, when you make everyone in town, look amazing…


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How to Solve No Shows

No shows and empty hair appointments is not only annoying but it can cost a typical hair beauty salon up to £5,000 over time! That’s a lot of cash to leave on the table. The good news is you can solve it. In this brief 5  minute video, Alan explains the problems with no shows and how to…


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Why Being a Good Hairdresser is Not Enough

I thought because I was a great hairdresser that would be enough to create a busy salon. It wasn’t and that created huge problems for me. By the end of 1989 we were struggling big time until someone suggested I have a flyer made. So I did. I had a flyer made and then spent…


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One Small Town’s Salon Success

Salons are at the heart of the communities, or rather communities are often nurtured by the salons. Even though I grew up in the capital, salons always created a micro-communities within large, busy cities. Beauty salons are true community hubs for catching up on the latest gossips and switching off from the daily realities for an hour…


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If This Chair Could Talk

If this chair could speak… See that chair? It’s 26-years old. That chair has seen millions of words written and millions of pounds created. I’ll tell you how. I bought that chair in 1991. I bought 24 of those chairs at the same time for my salon. They were cheap but expensive for me at the…


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Unique Ideas to Boost Local Salon Footfall

More than ever, clients head online and flick through Facebook and Instagram in search of hair ideas and decent hair stylists. While over 80% of clients will look up for a salon online when it comes to bookings over 90% of them will make sales direct to your shop. So the question is which marketing is more…


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Brick and Mortar – Future is Bright

Despite all the doom and gloom of e-commerce takeover and the threats to brick and mortar business sales 92.3% of retail sales were made in-stores. Obviously, as a hair stylist, you could not cut clients hair from your website anyways but it is reassuring that only 8% of the sales were made online. (Source: HBR, Quarterly stats)…


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How to Nail Facebook Live And Become a Salon Celebrity

Want to be a salon celebrity without living your station? (And deepen client loyalty?) One client told us she had tracked the time spent on Facebook every day and with her own admission it turned out she’d been gazing at the screen for over 4hours every day… that’s a massive 120 hours every month spent on messing…


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Why Mondays are the best for column building

Mondays for pub owners and salon owners are the same – Quiet for clients, busy for managers. How’s so? Pub owners are busy receiving deliveries… Shop owners on the other hand, are busy (or at least should be) getting ready for the week ahead, that means making sure the salon is marketed, promotions are sent…


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Should You Brand Up Your Salon?

When I was a hairdresser and salon owner I very quickly understood that in a town of 35 salons I would need to stand out. I did. We did. After almost 20-years we were the biggest the best and the only option for redesign. Everything I learnt from that process I put into my other…


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5 Ways to Say Thank You And Increase Rebookings

Whether you expect repeat sale or not, you should say thank you regardless, it is given. With such human selfless act you can be forgiven for not thinking about the brand and it’s loyalty and you would be right. But next time you service the client(s), go an extra mile with these 5 easy ways and see…



81 Million Customers And How to Market to Them

Baby-boomers have been replaced by the Millennial Generation, they are some 81 million kids (Source: Google) who already entered college and the workforce and they will spend $1.4 trillion every year (Source: Accenture). Here are 3 (and a bit more) massive Millennial marketing trends you can adopt right now and see what they could mean for your…


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Generation YouTube

Lily is a junior, she has also just turned 18 (yesterday actually), she also does not like to follow the conventional “hair training system”, instead, she YouTubes anything that is trendy and cool – she is The Generation YouTube, and that’s how she likes to learn cutting hair techniques. Lily is not the only teenager who…


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Is Internet Killing My Salon Marketing

We sat down in the Salon Punk Studio to discuss salon marketing and how the Internet could be killing the business. Having been marketing businesses online since the 90s, I wanted to find out from Alan if in the age of social media, and all kind of online tools, how were real shop owners engaged with the…


salon interview

My Best And Worst Salon Ideas

Salon Punk goes back since 1999, but being involved in salon industry as a salon owner goes back to the 80s. In today’s “Think Outside The Salon Box” we talk about the lessons learned in the running of salon business,   We ask questions on… The most striking moment while running a salon shop The best salon…


Salon Buying Period

What is the best salon buying period and how to get your shop busy for the busy months ahead. This 5 minutes video will answer your questions.

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September Salon Clients Are Back

It’s almost September and while it’s a little early to take out my leather jacket from the wardrobe I notice people are coming back from holidays ready to show off their topped up the tan, Brits ha?;) Bad news for holiday lovers, good news for beauty salons. With people back in towns and cities, it’s…