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Fly Off The Shelf Product

From the original Salon Punk Archives Here’s why Paul Mitchell Makes Sense For Your Salon Profits! Alan Here. I am going to be mega-fast today. You’ll like this one. Here’s why! This is taken directly from their website. “In 1979, John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell first decided to launch a professional hair care system.…


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How to Solve No Shows

No shows and empty hair appointments is not only annoying but it can cost a typical hair beauty salon up to £5,000 over time! That’s a lot of cash to leave on the table. The good news is you can solve it. In this brief 5  minute video, Alan explains the problems with no shows and how to…


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Generation YouTube

Lily is a junior, she has also just turned 18 (yesterday actually), she also does not like to follow the conventional “hair training system”, instead, she YouTubes anything that is trendy and cool – she is The Generation YouTube, and that’s how she likes to learn cutting hair techniques. Lily is not the only teenager who…


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Is Internet Killing My Salon Marketing

We sat down in the Salon Punk Studio to discuss salon marketing and how the Internet could be killing the business. Having been marketing businesses online since the 90s, I wanted to find out from Alan if in the age of social media, and all kind of online tools, how were real shop owners engaged with the…


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My Best And Worst Salon Ideas

Salon Punk goes back since 1999, but being involved in salon industry as a salon owner goes back to the 80s. In today’s “Think Outside The Salon Box” we talk about the lessons learned in the running of salon business,   We ask questions on… The most striking moment while running a salon shop The best salon…