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5 Easy Ways To Get Clients Into Your Salon Faster
Discover easy ways to get more salon clients, more visits, more revenue faster.
Why free hairdressing will help you get new clients in your beauty salon and how to do it.
THE salon marketing secret to getting higher paying clients and how to win them.
Discover THREE powerful words that will get your clients to send you more clients to you (it’s not I love you)
The salon tested way to build referral schemes for your salon … Watch the new footfall in as you do it.
Find out how to save on advertising budget.
3 powerful places to advertise your salon absolutely FREE, but still get more clients than you would for paid advertising.
Learn what to say and how to say to customers to avoid quiet salon days.
What are you waiting for this is FREE!
Go grab your FREE salon building report right now and discover 5 easy ways to get clients into your salon faster.

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Salon Punk Disclaimer

This ebook is designed to show salon owners, chair booth rentals, and mobile hairdressers easy, effectively and inexpensive strategies for getting more clients in small hair salon business. However  This ebook is not a get-rich quick manual and it does not guarantee any specific results. Strategies listed in the ebook are to help you in your business, however like in any business your success also depends on your experience, knowledge and ability to apply what you learn into practice.

Successful Salon owner of 17years, marketing consultant of over 27 years, published author and speaker.
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My Dearest Alan:
I think that you have saved my life and the 6 kids who depend on me to put food on the table. I cannot not, put your book down. Thank you so so much, love

Maria, Kabbana Beauty Spa,
Bristish Columbia, Canada.

Alan …without you my business would not have gone from four thousand pounds to eight in a matter of weeks and due to your Salon Column Buildersalon column builder I might add.Reb,
Hi Alan
I signed up for all of Alan’s courses (e-books) after taking on a dying salon taking £300 per week. that was in may 02 ,9 months later I am now expanding into the empty shop next door. since putting all of Alan’s ideas (and a few of my own) into operation I am now unable to fit all of my new clients into my present salon and taking more money in one day than I used to take in a week, this is just with myself 2 other stylists and 2 juniors working.

So…. if anyone has any doubts about any of Alan’s ideas and courses just re-read the above a couple of times and get out your credit card and sign up. You wont be disappointed I promise.

Jeanette (a much better off and happier salon owner)

p.s. I am based in a small town in Liverpool UK and if we can do it anyone can.



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