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How To Advertise a hair salonThis stuff Works: From a No.1 Salon Owner of Twenty-Years Plus and Respected Salon Marketing Expert and Author of the ‘MOST BRILLIANT’ SX-21 Salon Business Building Manual.

If you want more effective salon promotions, salon marketing ideas and salon advertising for more clients, need to know how to advertise better, need more bums on seats, want your stylists packed … This FREE salon marketing report will get you started and started fast!

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  • Simple salon promotions that work
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  • The ONLY way to persuade everyone in your town to use your salon – this is my personal 20-year secret!
  • A little known and highly tested hairdressing salon marketing secret that will increase new clients super-fast
  • Here are the 3-magic words guaranteed to get your current salon clients to send you more clients into your salon in days
  • A big 3 highly visible and responsive places to advertise your salon for absolutely no-cost at all (just brilliant)
  • The real reason most newspaper ads fail for salons (and the secret of how to make them work)
  • How to talk to your clients in a way that can TRIPLE salon takings and avoid quiet salon days and more

l recorded a 90-second video for you that explains why you should have the report.

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Alan Forrest Smith

Successful Salon owner of 17 years, marketing consultant of over 32 years.

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