Do You Need a Brilliant Salon Marketing Speaker That’ll Awaken Salon Owners To A Need To Start Running a Salon Business – and More?

Alan here.

I was trained originally to speak at bible school. I know it’s hard to believe but true. After 20-years of training I gained acclaim as a top slot speaker not just in my bible classes but on stages all over the globe over a 20 year period.

The first real time I spoke on stage was with my teenage Punk band Clone Youth. I was scared S@$%less!

I did some speaking at college but like i said my real speakers training was at bible school!

I have spoken in quite a few places as you’ll see.

New Zealand, Auckland
Australia, Gold coast, Melbourne, Sydney
USA, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, California
Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia
Latvia, Riga
Ireland, Dublin
England, London, Manchester, Newcastle and more
Scotland, Edinburgh
I can’t give you a precise number but I have probably spoken to well over 25,000 people in the process!

Professor Manfred Rimpler of The Medical Academy in Hanover and Head of The Beauty Standards Commission in The EU said…

“… you are without doubt one of the greatest and most highly motivating public speakers I have EVER come across … !”

Andrey Andreeyey Chief Consultant from Russia and Europe said…

“you my friend are a superstar, look at them, they love you and what you say to them, you were just fantastic!”

and …

Chief Editor of Les Nouvelles Estique Elena Marekov in Latvia and Baltic states said this…

” they loved you! Look at the reaction, I have seen nothing like this over here before please, please, please come again soon, Alan is one of the most exciting motivational speakers we have worked with”

There no question … I am Alan probably one of the greatest motivational speakers in the UK right now especially in the salon business. Yes I did say that confidence has never been something I lack and frankly there are so many bad presenters and speakers that just don’t understand what salon owners go trough I am uniquely overly qualified.

My fee for speaking is simple.

£10,000 per 60 minute presentation with all travel and accommodation covered. You won’t be disappointed but if you are – ask for your money back.

All bookings are paid in advance.

To hire Alan to come and speak for you please go to the contact page and apply from there or give us a call at SALON PUNK HQ.

If you want to see more go to youtube after you watch the videos below.

Your friend in salon success.

Alan Forrest Smith