Salon Extreme 21

How to have a discussion with a team member who does not like to agree with you

You are proposing new ideas in your salon but your stylist who has been working with you for over 7 years does not think it’ll work. She believes your proposal of increasing the average order value will anger the clients, and in general, she believes there is little point in making changes at all as things work as…


Staff recruitment

The Power of Hidden Teams

Do you have a hidden team within your team? Could your salon stylists, receptionists, managers and juniors all work together in harmony to build the salon where not only you enjoy but where all your employees thrive and become part of your salon success? The most-engaged employees work together in ways companies don’t even realize.…


Salon Punk in Scotland

Life & Time: Something’s Going On

Grab a coffee, grab a seat, get some quiet and read. I’m on a plane. I’ve just had a moment. Before I tell you that moment I will tell you why I am on a plane. I have been invited to visit a 21-year old salon business that has become layered with unnecessary ideas, old…


Alan Forrest Smith

ReDefining Everything

We are definitely in an age where everything is being RE/defined. Salon business, workspace, money, life, death, age and just about anything else you can think of. Take (older) age for example. At the age of just 48, my own dad retired (at 84 he’s still going strong). In those days dads looked old and acted…


Alan Forrest Smith

When Was Your Salon Last Tested?

THE TEST WILL REVEAL The Health of Your Salon Business The Future of Your Salon Business The Changes You Must Make To Your Salon Gives You A Guide As To What You Must Do Next Life these days have become a series of tests. I really noticed this since Tamuna has been pregnant. (OUR BABY…


Customer reviews

WEDNESDAY: increase your takings

Did you create a list of things to be done? Did you get more clients through your door? Don’t worry I get it I understand that running a salon can be mental! So here is what you can do today – Wednesday – to get your takings up. Write another list (oh shit lol) and…


TUESDAY: fill the columns

How do you fill columns on Tuesday? Yesterday we talked about creating a list or two on Monday’s (not my fav thing to do) but we did it. My own salon Tuesday was like this: So I would jump in my mini copper and drive over to my salon 5-miles away. The 5-mile drive could…


Email marketing

MONDAY: Do this in your salon for an amazing week

Even if you’re off on Monday in your mind you’re still at your salon. Do this simple exercise and it’ll give you an amazing week I promise. Mondays for me in the early days always felt as if I was freaking out over what the week would bring into my salon. Until that is I…


Salon Sampler

Salon Sampler, The Book Interview

“Alan if you had to do just one thing to pack out any salon what would it be?” SALON SAMPLER – IS That Program We caught up with Alan Forrest Smith in the coffee shop to talk about his new book, Salon Sampler. Listen to this brief interview as he explains why he wrote this…


Salon Extreme 21 vs Salon Extreme Mentor

This is a quick one. You guys keep asking so it’s easier to reply like this. SALON EXTREME21 (SX-21) VS. SALON MENTOR EXTREME? “Alan I’m not sure what to do, SX-21 or Salon Mentor Extreme – what’s the differences?” Both are very different so I’ll try and explain. SX-21 £245 SX-21 is a guide, manual,…


Halloween salon promotion

7 more ways your salon can make the most of the Halloween

Scary monsters aside, it’s a great time for you to reconnect with your salon clients. Halloween-themed hair salon promotions and creativity can help your shop to attract new people through the door. But getting your clients interested enough to get into the spirit and spend money requires more than putting a scary costume on. Here are some tactics…


christmas in salon

The Christmas List … My Mother!

I’m not sure why but as soon as the kids are walking back along the street to school my brain goes into something that is still 12-weeks away – Christmas in the salon. What are we doing, where are we eating, who are we seeing and what will I buy my darling wife so she…


Missing salon client kit

The Ultimate Proven Direct Mail Salon Kit

Missing Salon Client Kit – has been updated for 2018. Good news for salon owners, if you already purchased the product in the past you should have received the updated link to the product, simply go ahead and check out the newer version (check your email). If you have not got the product yet, for…


Salon Punk Book

NEW Salon Punk Book

Exciting news. My new book The Salon Punk can be ordered from today. So what do you get for £10? Around 250 pages that I hope will help you realise that everything is possible in your salon. I went from a new, hopeless and almost catastrophic salon owner to having an insanely busy No.1 salon…