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I want to share these real SALON EXTREME SECRETS with you for FREE. I'll explain why in a moment.
It's easy to forget I began hairdressing in 1982. A lot has changed since then but never more than in the past 3-5 years have I seen such a gigantic shift in the way you should be running your salon business. The changes are profound and cannot be ignored.
What you are about to download and listen to are the exact breakthrough strategies I use in salons and have discovered to work and outperform everything in salons just like yours. These are the same EXTREME SECRETS that have saved salons from closure, doubled turnover, tripled clients volume and totally transformed salons just like yours.

This past three years in salons like yours I keep seeing this …

Here is what I will share with you and I will base this on the past three years in particular of working with salons like yours.


LAZY: Salon marketing has become lazy. The new experts with no real expertise teach extremely lazy marketing ways and promise that a single click or stacking shelves with more industry stock will get your salon packed. Believe me I see plenty of salons doing that and are still dead or closed!


YESTERDAY: Most salons are using systems of running salons that were created when the modern hair salon was first designed. Even the best salons are simply a better version of other salons. In other words, they are all the same, look and feel the same despite the branding. I have seen plenty of this and it still doesn’t guarantee a packed salon or thriving salon business.


STAFF: The backbone of your salon is staff yet most salons are still employing, treating, contracting stylists the way they have always done. The problem is the needs of humans change and the owl employment ways no longer work. From what I experience and see most salon owners are timid of their people and their people are running what goes on in the salon. This is a major problem. It is also a problem I love solving.


VISION: most salon owners open their doors and hope clients will pour in. That rarely works. Client loyalty or visits has dropped dramatically. Unless you as a salon owner have a clear vision of what you want to achieve you wont achieve anything. Most salon owners have no goals, vision or purpose to their salon working.


And of course, there is more. But the good news is this. I have seen this time and time again and FIXED those problems time and time again using my EXTREME salon practices.


Why EXTREME And What Does It Mean To Be An EXTREME SALON?


It’s been a few years now since I launched my mentor as SALON MENTOR EXTREME. I consciously decided to rename it because my results were extreme in the eyes of the salon owners involved. They would use works like




So, you can see why I renamed my salon mentor to SALON MENTOR EXTREME.


And the numbers from real salons like yours never lied.


SALON EXTREME numbers like…

223.7% increase in turnover in just 12 days was an extreme result

404 new clients from a single marketing campaign was also extreme.

Packing out and saving a salon with just 10-days to opening the salon was yet another extreme result.

Pushing salon averages from just £23 to £171 was yet again another insanely extreme result.

£21,120 in new salon turnover from a single strategy.

Reduced this one thing in the salon to INCREASE SALES of that same one thing.

And on this powerful recording, I will share more for you as you can imagine.

Now a couple of years down the road I want to share how I did that and how you can do that in your salon.

And I want you to know why I am sharing this. Not because you will become a mentor extreme salon because you might not have the starter fee of £9,995 but because never in my life as a marketing and business expert have I felt so disgusted with the huge amount of misinformation on building business from the new experts with no expertise.

So, this is my little gift back to you and to our industry.

Listen close, take notes and make sure you apply what I tell you because it really could change everything for you.

Some of this might be so basic you will ignore it but please believe me I have done what I am sharing with you in many salons and the results have been nothing short of extreme.

Here’s a couple of things I will happily share with you and I will tell you how to do those same things in your salon

Who really controls your salon



Social media rarely builds a salon business but it can do this …

This ZERO-INVESTMENT strategy put an extra £5,600 into one salon in 12 days

The No.1 yet most underused tool in the industry today that created a stylist column

The big three tactics I have never seen any salon do but when done change everything

Stabilise, grow, innovate

We discovered staff don’t want to leave and will stay for ever if you do this.

99.9% of salons are making this huge mistake that could kill any salon in the 2020s

How one tiny thing can make the biggest changes in any salon in a single day.

Doing this increased more than one salons turnover my over 100%

And of course, I want to give you the big three things I do when I first meet all of my salon mentor extreme salons. Do these alone and I promise you change.

Would you like to download the recording right now into your phone or device?

It’s really simple.

Just add your name and email and then check your email for the link. I would tell you one thing. If you want to beat yourt competition DO NOT share this recording until you have put into place what I share. If they do it before you they will probably sweep up in your town.

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