We Are Ready To Turn Your Salon Story Into A Must-Watch Cinematic Quality Film

We Will Take The Story Of Your Salon Business and Turn Into The … The most engaging, most interesting, most fascinating and most beautifully shot film that reveals everything you need your audience to know.

We guarantee to deliver your hidden story, your history, a finely crafted script, detailed storyboarding, the production, any actors needed and of course, the magical edit. We promise to deliver you something different, something current, and a highly talked about film that will position your company at its highest.

And once your film is ready just imagine filling a room online or offline with your very best or new clients. Then that moment when the lights go down and you reveal it to them for the first time. This business experience will probably rate as one of the highest ever for them and for you. It will also position your salon business to a whole new level. To a No.1 level.

Film Has Never Been Bigger – THIRTY BILLION VIEWS

Google’s 2022 report tells us video viewing is still growing and going through the roof. Now with over THIRTY BILLION VIEWS a day! Are you missing something here for your salon?

That’s 30 Billion Reasons You Must Have Your Salon Business Film Made

  • BILLIONS: According to Google Over THIRTY BILLION FILMS Are Watched – DAILY! 
  • NAME ONE: Name One Of Your Competitors That Has a Film?
  • POSITIONING: A Film Is a Whole New Level Of Increased Value Perception
  • UNIQUE: Tell Your Real Story In The Most Unique Way On The Big Screen
  • ETERNAL: A Film Will Make Your Story Live Forever

Do you have a film? Are you using TV? If you replied NO … you need to reconsider. Our last business film for Altrincham Market has had over 11,000 views. That is 11,000 locals that have seen a ground-breaking, revealing story-driven film about Altrincham Market and its real story. You’ll soon see it’s a unique approach. It’s a different story. We even wrote the soundtrack.

Your Unique Salon Business Film – Full Production Corporate Video With a Difference.

Here’s why you really need to have a ‘different’ type of salon video. Positioning and informing sharing are just two out of dozens of reasons.

We are now making industry-standard films and taking commissions for big-screen films and ads for TV. We have our own in-house production team ready to get your business film or unique TV Ad into production.

According to online sources, the average person now spends over 7 hours daily watching a screen! That 7-hour includes full-length films.

That includes short videos, long corporate business films, video ads, reels, stories, shorts and more.

That’s what people want. Are you giving your customers the films that they want from you?

Here’s a case study from a recent corporate business film we made.

The film is called The Curator.

The Salon Business and Corporate Filmmaking Case Study

The Curator is the story of the man behind the story behind the man in the story.

What does that mean?

This is a film for a business known as Alty Market, Altrincham Market and Market House. These guys are probably the most famous artisan makers market in Europe. They are also the most copied because of the success they accidentally created. Every and any modern marketing house you see in the U.K. was copied from this market.


The perception of the owners by the local public is more like “rich guy opens a market.” Yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I aimed to change public perception and reveal the true human story behind the story. This was a story that actually began way back in the late 70s.

The real story behind Altrincham Market carefully reveals how the whole mental process of the market began way back in the late 70s. It also reveals that the market wasn’t purely about selling stuff and making cash it was about the love of a place and the regeneration of a town by uncovering a real human need. That need is people and connections.

So the film about the Altrincham market is a film not about just the market. It is a film about the people and the regeneration of a whole town.

It was important for me to reveal the back story in this film. The owners told me they had turned away many TV companies and people including BBC who all wanted to make a film about the market. They turned them down because the BBC didn’t get it. They wanted to tell a story about the market rather than the people and the process.

So here we are now with a film about that real story. That story is a different story than anyone could have known.

Initially, when I spoke to the owners they had no real idea what they wanted from their video but they knew exactly what they didn’t want. They didn’t want the same old corporate video. So during lockdowns, I arranged for myself, my production crew and the rest of the team to set up and being the process of making this film.

At this stage, no script was created yet I had an idea and outline of what I wanted to do with this. After 3-days of filming, talking, interviewing and more we had enough material to go away with and start to construct the true story of Altrincham Market.

During that process, the idea for the name of the film – THE CURATOR – came from one line in the film. Nick the owner said, ‘You get to a point where you cannot do what you used to do when younger but you can curate those that are younger.’ This is where the core story to be told came from.

The result of Altrincham Market on the town was the most underrated story ever to take place in Altrincham. This is the story of regeneration told in a very different way.

Before Altrincham Market began the route to the regeneration of the town it is good to also understand Altrincham was a ghost town. Since the opening of the market, Altrincham is a busy, bustling town with the market acting like a wheel spindle. At the end of each spoke is the growth of many, many new businesses and ideas. The town has even been voted one of the UK’S no.1 towns to live in.

Once you know the story of the Curator you understand why. That is what I want to tell in the film.

And there styling of the film: I wanted a punk rock feel to the film. Informal, edgy, compelling. I think we all more than delivered. We also wrote the period-driven soundtrack to give it a generational feel for each period we covered.

My team and I delivered everything from

  • The Initial Idea
  • The True Story Behind The Story
  • The Pre & Post Production
  • Post-Production and edit
  • Full Production and Crew
  • Music, Sound, Colouring and Composition

And now 11,000 online views later The Curator is a magical industry ‘different’ standard for corporations piece.

Why a Film For Your Salon?

Selling anything is about the telling of a very real story. Even selling haircuts. The story has to be true, and relatable. interesting, compelling and driven by the energy the viewer can attach themselves to. The sense of true reality must show through at every level. The story should have that human touch to it. That isn’t easy to do in a film. We more than delivered in the curator.

Yet a film allows you to offer a multi-dimensional angle to your audience. It offers positioning. It offers an opportunity to enter a buyer’s house and share your story. It offers a branding exercise. It offers massive perceptive value.

Brand Building Salon Business Video

Let’s look at a few different brand films.

Adidas use film to sell shoes. They reveal nothing about the company. They harness the power of their brand. The leverage on the human emotion of need and want. They sell something new that fills the needs and wants of those addicted to the brand.

Yet do you know the story behind the three ADIDAS bars? Do you know where the name of the brand came from?

It came from Adi Dassler. That is the name of the founder in 1920. The three stripes first appeared in 1949 to create recognisably on the running track.

I think it worked, do you?

But his story is much bigger than that. The history, the life, the trials, the torments and ultimately the triumph with a brand that is stronger than ever in 2022.

Apple also did the same kind of film. BMW and many other brands have also done the same in film over the years.

Here Are Just Four Of Our Beautiful Films

Let’s Talk About The Costs For Your Film

Forget cheap filming – you will not get the best from your investment. When I say cheap I mean a couple of grand. You just won’t get what you want at the price.

There have been millions spent on TV ads or corporate films. I would always aim for around £100k for a good business film but there are so many variables it every film needs its own quote.

Some Filmmakers Will Offer Business Filmmaking From £5k:

Making an amazing business or corporate video with us for under 5k is almost impossible. You will find plenty of companies that will do it for that and lower. We can’t. The stuff you see on social media videos is this kind of stuff. We don’t really get into this low-end filmmaking for the simple reason we want your film to be brilliantly done. This budget will not do that.

FROM: £20k – £30k

You could get a film with everything it entails a little like The Curator at ‘around’ this price. More film budget means more of everything can go into the shoot. The pre-production stage of any film production is where the magic happens. The creative is taken to the next level and more time can be spent on making sure your advert looks like the business and this is where most advertisers want to be.

See below examples of projects which fall within this price bracket. 

How Long Does a Business Filmmaking Production Take?

Your business film production has three stages, pre-production, production & post-production. 


Give us your rough film idea and we will create a bigger idea for you. Once the idea is approved we get into …

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Creative Direction
  • Hiring Actors
  • Voice Actors (if needed)
  • Crew
  • Production
  • Post-production

Then, of course, we have to call all of our film crew to make sure we can get them all together at the same time and date.

Film Production

Location, props, staging and more. Our producer will pull the whole production together. He will share with our director what’s going down and when. Then once done the creative and functional process of filmmaking kicks in.

Your Film In Post

This is where film mastery and movie creativity really takes place. 10 hours of film to get 30 seconds of the film. Cutting, colouring, sound, composing, grading and editing, adding any extra polish.

How Long Does This All Take?

This is a hard one to answer. Every production can take anything from a few weeks to a few months. Longer depending on the production complexity. Script clearance can take time too. Clearance can take time due to claims or the type of product or service that is being advertised.

Important Considerations for Your Film Production Costs

Studio Hire.

This is something you would consider for a shoot requiring a controlled environment. Where you can build sets, also if you want to control everything from lighting to sound, a studio is the only way to go. Limiting these variables is key to getting the most out of your shoots.

The size of the crew you need will also affect costs. Some clients can get away with a small crew, but others need a full team. 

  • Lighting
  • Make-up
  • Wardrobe
  • Set Design
  • Production Assistant
  • Sound crew
  • Camera operator
  • Director
  • Focus puller
  • Dolly operator
  • Runners

The size of a crew is always determined by the complexity and the scope of a shoot. For most a small crew can be enough. There are times when the only option is a full team. This alters your price.

IMPORTANT: Don’t worry you really don’t need to know any of this stuff. I will guide you, advise you and tell you what you do and don’t need.

Your Compelling Business Story In Your Salon Film

Imagine revealing your hidden story in a film. We are all developed and grow into adulthood through stories. Stories are our mainstay of education and progression. And today stories told in film can be watched overnight by billions upon billions as viewing figures online and through streaming TV.

The relentless thirst for film has never been greater and never more urgent.

There has never been a greater tool for telling and sharing your story, your brand or even your legacy in film.

And TV Ads

Do you remember the HOVIS ad (made by Ridley Scott) or the famous APPLE ad (again by Ridley Scott)?

Classic adverts that stand alone and live forever as ad pieces, art pieces of short films. That is what we are doing – films that live forever. Stories that engage, compel and move the viewer. As you can see by our work at this link we have delivered so far.

We’d Love To Make Your Salon Corporate Business Video – Cinematic Quality

And we are ready to go.

Contact me (Alan) direct and let’s start a conversation.

Everything from the script to the final delivery. T.V. ads, business films, business or corporate documentaries, legacy films – just ask if we can help.

We’ve made the most incredible films as you can see on our links.

Contact me now and let’s start a conversation.

Contact me here right now at +0044 (0)7793069486. Most messengers or text.


Alan Forrest Smith

Write, Director, Filmmaker and Mentor

Note on films: All film needs a budget. They cannot be made with fresh air. Before you contact me please have a budget in mind. Please do not contact me and then tell me you gave it no thought. I can help you with your budget but I need a starting point from you. Then I will tell you after our conversation if it can be done within your budget.