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The Next Generation of salon stylists: How to Help Gen Z stylists thrive in your salonLet’s talk about Kathy, she was born in 2004, about the same year the first video was uploaded on YouTube, which (Along with 2 billion others) makes her part of Generation Z hair stylist.

Apart from being the biggest consumer (your salon clients), Kathy’s generation will soon make up around 27% of the workforce.Being a hairstylist means someone like Kathy, is not looking for a typical University career, rather she is attracted to become an apprentice and pursue a career in a creative business to become a hairstylist. So what do Kathy and her other Gen Z people look to achieve and how you can help them thrive in your salon? 

Here are some valuable insights. 

Do you have a salon competitors? If you are a typical salon owner, your salon must be right next to, or almost next to your competitor’s salon. The salon industry can be super competitive like that. But that can be a good thing as well.

It simply means there is a demand for your salon business and there are plenty of customers out there with lots of hair on their heads!

It is because of the salon competitors that your salon brand identity is more important than ever. In order to stand out from your salon competitors here are a few points you should consider as a salon owner.

7 Ways To Remain Ahead Of Your Salon Competitors