Finally: Hair Salon Ideas, Salon Promotions, Salon Systems and Salon Mentoring That Is Proven Time and Time Again To Work…

Are You Ready For The Best Year EVER In Your Salon?

First, How To Make Your Salon Fail… (strange advice I know)

  • Listen to the ‘salon experts come and tell you what they don’t really know (has it worked?)
  • Follow the latest salon marketing and business trends (rarely works longer than months)
  • Take what reps tell you seriously about building your salon (that’s just funny)
  • Surrender your life to posting on social media (zzzzzzzz)
  • Sitting and waiting for something to happen (it never does)
Salon Mentor Alan Forrest Smith
THE SALON PUNK – Alan Forrest Smith – Salon Business Specialist Here

Ready? Let’s Build Your Salon Into a Real Business …

Dear Salon Owner,

Alan The Salon Punk Here.

Let’s talk about real SALON MENTORING, SALON PROMOTIONS and SALON SYSTEMS that actually do what they are supposed to do … GET YOU MORE CLIENTS!

From where I am standing most salon systems advice on building your salon business fails miserably. In other words, the hair salon ideas or salon systems the ‘NEW’ salon gurus are taking your cash and providing advice and guidance for just don’t give you the results you need because it hasn’t been tested and is usually just the latest fad all salon gurus follow and push. That isn’t salon mentoring that’s salon scandal!

Being told to go all digital for salon promotions with your salon marketing is a classic example: Endless posting on social media like Facebook or Instagram or sending scripted SMS with salon discounts or sending emails that focus on new hair salon products or getting seen on Google and not a lot else. Has it worked for you so far?

It’s a bit of a mess out there in the world of salon business advice and salon owners like yourself are being led an expensive merry dance

How To Make Your Salon Promotions and Ideas Succeed Beyond Words in 2019 …Do this for your best year ever!

Find a recognised salon expert with not just decades of salon business and promotional experience but super-experience, real case studies and can show numbers that are EXTREME.

The best way to do this is asking for a previous successful salon client experiences and even call the successful salon owner client if you can. The reason you should do this is to reduce any risk of your business investment dramatically whilst increasing your opportunity for more salon success using proven salon systems.

I started my hair business and salon ownership and then my SALON EXTREME consulting a long time ago now (more further down). I understand what it takes to create salon systems, hair salon ideas don’t just hand over advice from the top drawer I eat, sleep and dream what is going on in our marketplace every day. I get inside the heads of society and our so I can understand the best way to push your business forward as we work closely together.

These are really uncertain times when even the biggest salon groups are struggling. Why is that? There are a lot of reasons but a good reason to mention right now is the lack of direct action on what really works to build a salon like yours.

If you could take yourself a year from now what would your ideal salon look like? A nice thought of course but you need to know exactly how you are going to get there.

Not only do I work with salons just like yours I take it so seriously that I will treat your business like it is my own until we hit the goals that we set out at the start.

I began hairdressing in 1982 and I am still here in the industry working very closely with salon owners to turn salons into real businesses. When I say real business I …

Extreme Salon Promotion and Ideas That Get Results Like This …

  • Salon turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days
  • Salon average bills UP by 586.3%
  • Colour up over 700%
  • Stylist recruitment, management and columns issues solved in under 5-days
  • New salon bursting with clients from opening day
  • Sales of Olaplex and Balayage from UP A MASSIVE 2750%
  • Graduates increasing their columns by 101.3% (one new graduate now takes over £1,700 per week)
  • Stylist increasing their turnover by 465.21%
  • New clients UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3%

Re-read all of those numbers above.I’d challenge ANY ‘salon expert’ to show me better salon systems, salon promotions or salon ideas and mentoring … No wonder we brand them as SALON EXTREME.


For over three decades not only have I worked for myself being a salon owner but I have also worked with some of the UK’s biggest industries advising and creating success. This has given me a unique perspective on real success and the steps it takes to create bigger success. That is how I can create, I do create and will continue to create some of the most SALON EXTREME salon promotions and salon management case studies and salon success stories as you can find on this website or even online.

Whether you have a new struggling salon that needs to make it happen or an established salon that wants to get to the next level using salon ideas and salon promotions s that really do work I can definitely help you and help you faster than you’ve probably experienced with your salon in the past. My approach is very personal, no juniors experts or ‘new experts’ and absolutely 100% bespoke ideas for you and your salon. When we work together I will treat your salon as if it is my own salon. Every rule you can think about we will break where we have to so we get the results you deserve and I want for you.

Have a look through my website with tons of products created to build your business or a FREE blog going into hundreds of pages packed with salon solving ideas, or a SALON EXTREME consulting session or if you are really serious about making the next big shift in your salon SALON MENTOR extreme is just outrageously successful.

I am looking forward to helping you build your salon and turn your salon into a real business we can both be proud of.

The Salon Punk, Alan Forrest Smith

Ps thanks to SAGE SALONfor the crazy photo at the top. You can read about their INSANE experience during SALON MENTOR EXTREME at this page.


This Is What Happens To Salon Owners That Join SALON MENTOR EXTREME

  • Salon turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days
  • Salon average bills UP by 586.3%
  • Colour up over 700%
  • Stylist recruitment, management and columns issues solved in under 5-days
  • New salon bursting with clients from opening day
  • Sales of Olaplex and Balayage from UP A MASSIVE 2750%
  • Graduates increasing their columns by 101.3% (one new graduate now takes over £1,700 per week)
  • Stylist increasing their turnover by 465.21%
  • New clients UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3%

Now tell me you wouldn’t want that?

“The salon is changing, the phone has never stopped – Just INSANE” SAGE HAIR, Wickham




Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, there are times when you simply want to hear something refreshing, motivating, inspiring and uplifting. All can offer bespoke talks to fit your salon very precisely. His most recent inspiriting talks in Warrington, Cheshire at JAKATA SALON for around 25-staff, ZIGZAG HAIR GROUP in Milton Keynes for around 60-staff, MOD SALONS in Leeds for around a dozen staff and all the way down to Southampton at the wonderful SAGE SALON for around 10-staff.

“The Most Exciting Motivational Speaker We Have Worked With”, Professor Manfred Rimpler

More about THE SALON PUNK speaker here


Alan fixes 99% of salon problems. How about getting your nagging salon problem solved so fast that you will never believe it? Alan offers unique, bespoke and highly charge consulting calls over any medium you use (Type, WhatsApp etc). Share your most pressing issues and you are pretty much guaranteed to leave the call with a solution that is designed around your salon. One salon owners just recently have now discovered the best path to come off the shop floor and keep her staff packed out at the same time after just 60-minutes with Alan.

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You can now order and read Alan’s new book THE SALON PUNK. This is a paperback book published by Master And Man Books. Around 300 pages packed with highly revealing details of what it really takes to create a number one salon. Available in most online bookstores now.


The Salon Punk Book

“The salon is changing, the phone has never stopped – Just INSANE

Rich and Steph, Sage Hair, Wickham – Call and ask them about their mind-blowing salon experience with SALON MENTOR EXTREME – 01329 835 991

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