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Visionary – Exciting – Anarchic – Chaotic – Different – Motivational – Inspiring – Refreshingly Honest …

IMPORTANT: If you need the same old space-filling salon industry speaker, I will NOT be for your conference or salon.

Only Hire Alan Forrest Smith As Your Salon Business Motivational Speaker If …

You’d love to hear your audience to use expressions such as (quotes)

‘Holy shit, brilliant, awesome, wow just wow, exciting, refreshing,’ and one or two more over the top comments then hire me.

In business since 1985 – (then fired again). Salon owner, extreme results consultant, filmmaker, copywriter, author, mentor, ideas machine, life thriver and more.

As a speaker Alan Forrest Smith is a philosophical business force to be reckoned with. Unconventional, practical, realistic, well thought out, daring and at times downright controversial. He is a must for anyone wanting to ignite any audience to the reality of modern business life.

Do not expect him to arrive in a suit. Expect the unexpected, expect his very best.

“Probably The Most Industry Future Thinking Controversial Eye-Opening Speaker You Will Come Across In The Hairdressing Industry Today …”

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Virtual Speaker – 4k camera – high-quality delivery and set up.

I Am Alan Forrest Smith

Why Listen To Me?

I began hairdressing in 1982. I then began building hairdressing businesses in 1985. I had three salons from 1989 – 2003. Today, everything has changed and nothing is the same. Human behaviour has changed, it has been remodelled, reconfigured and retrained to see the world differently.

And that is in the past 3-5 years. The change in salons is astonishing and more radical change is coming I guarantee that.

Less loyalty, fewer visits, less interest in your services and less of what you need to make your salon get to and stay at number one. And you can build and share as much as you want on Instagram but unless you do it different … It will not make a scrap of difference to your salon turnover. Today the big idea has become king, the point of attraction and the best and only way to build salons today is with LESS clients. The MORE idea is dead! Building likes and shares is dead. Building a salon business as you know it is dead!

YET MY REALITY IS… Salons I work with do mind-blowing things.

Latest Talks For Salons

LATEST TALK: I AM THE FUTURE TODAY – See below… is a game-changer.

THE SALON PUNK’S CHAOS concept for the hair salon industry will blow you away. There’s no one speaking like this, no one saying these things in the salon industry with such honestly and refreshing vigour. A breath of fresh air in a stale hairdressing arena that urgently needs reinvention.

HAIR SALON OWNERS/INDUSTRY INSIDERS/TRAINERS …  the 70s, 80s 90s have gone. Now is a time to reinvent, expand, break away and explore huge ideas in an industry that promotes smallness and restraint through sameness.


Everything In Our Industry Has Changed.

Some see, most don’t see yet we can all feel the change. The industry isn’t quite what it used to be.

There are reasons, many reasons.

The human being – your client human habits have fundamentally changed. The hairdresser has fundamentally changed. Today’s world is new, different and demanding attention, asking for needs and wants to be filled.

This affects everyone of your people.

Whether they are salon owners, stylists or industry insiders. What The Salon Punk can share with you is boundless, current, philosophical, dynamic and is packed with a deeper understanding of your client – the human being. What motivates your clients, what motivates your people and how we are all connected once we tune into that.

Most of my talks are bespoke.

Here are a few titles I have created and delivered for maximum effect, motivation and drive.

I AM THE FUTURE TODAY: An inspiring and truly motivating presentation that reveals to anyone with good ears how they can become their own future, fill their needs and despite whilst being the ultimate professional.

I have overhauled and updated my talk I called … I AM THE FUTURE …That I delivered to an 8000 strong organisation in Europe last year. Here are a few details.


An inspiring and truly motivating presentation that reveals to stylists and salon owners how they can become their own future, and fill their needs from today. This talk taps into the human behaviour that is ignored and runs on autopilot. It also covers the behaviour that stops a stylist from growing and believing in themselves

This talk is about the salon. This talk is designed to motivate, inspire and share possibilities with your team. This is about being number one. This talk is about the bigger salon picture.

The whole presentation is based on embedded repeated thinking. How this embedded thinking restricts salon and stylist growth. And of course, how to release that thinking to become the busiest highest-paid hairdresser for miles. 

If you need a team that truly believes in what they are doing – this is a powerful presentation that will move them.

  • I come to your salon/school organisation.
  • I deliver the talk
  • I leave your team changed and motivated


  • More turnover
  • Higher averages
  • More sales
  • Improved atmosphere

This is a fluid presentation that can be as short as one hour or as long as 3-hours. 

Includes mind-expanding things like …

  • 5% mind-set
  • The Attraction Factor
  • The Art of Deliberate Recreation
  • Building Columns Using the 4th-Dimension 
  • The Anomaly of Do Less, Build More
  • The Power of Time
  • How to Become No.1 Right Now

And more.

All my live speaking gigs start at £4,995.

Virtual to be agreed

Travel and accommodation (if needed) not included and must be covered.

If you want, if you need and if you are demanding something out of the ordinary, untypical industry, proven, powerful, mind-expanding and highly charged, this will be for you.


Text/SMS/WhatsApp U.K. 07793069486 the line… I AM THE FUTURE and one of us will get right back to you.

THE PIONEERS: An incredible presentation that helps young graduates realise their potential, help them to understand their needs, helps them understand

CHAOS BY NATURE: a presentation designed to help the salon owner truly understand their inner chaotic nature and then how to harness that nature and create an amazing salon.

TRIBAL SALON BUILDING: Perfect for industry professionals that want to understand the mindset behind building a superior salon clientele and following.

And some othert talks …

  • Manifest Your Columns In The 4th Dimension
  • The Attraction Factor For a Super Salon
  • Pioneers The Program – I Am the Future
  • The Art of Deliberately Recreating your Salon
  • Creating Salon Leaders from Chaos
  • Dreaming Your Salon To Number One
  • The Staff Solution Through Reinvention
  • The Anarchy of The Hairdresser And How To Harness It

Let me share this.

I’ve been speaking for decades all over the globe.

I would love to come and talk, inspire, motivate and bring your team to life but only if you are thirsty for something very different. I’ve delivered inspirational and mind and heart motivating talks to maybe around 25,000 listeners or more.

I am also responsible powerful business transforming direct response strategies that have delivered over £100 million in sales for my clients from varying industries including hairdressing.

I was originally trained as a public speaker at Bible school. I know it’s hard to believe but true. After 20-years of speaker training, I gained acclaim as a top slot speaker not just in my Bible classes but on stages all over the globe over a three-decades-long period.

The first time I spoke on stage was with my teenage Punk band Clone Youth. I was scared S@$%less!

I have spoken in quite a few places as you’ll see.

  • New Zealand, Auckland
  • Australia, Gold coast, Melbourne, Sydney
  • USA, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, California
  • Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia
  • Latvia, Riga
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • England, London, Manchester, Newcastle and more
    Scotland, Edinburgh

“The Most Exciting Motivational Speaker We Have Worked With.” Professor Manfred Rimpler

We asked attendees from previous talks for single words comments …

  • “INSPIRING” IK Hair Bromsgrove
  • “FANTASTIC” IK Hair Bromsgrove
  • “INSPIRING” Paul Hetherington, Le Biosthetique
  • “WHAT AN AMAZING DAY” Hairdresserstefan
  • “INSPIRATION” from THE SALON PUNK. Wicked Hair Worcester
  • “AWESOME” Karen Aldworth
  • “BRILLIANT” Val Hunt

“Alan we loved what you told us about taking no risk being the highest risk strategy.”

“Now we understand that the future is now not tomorrow”

Alan, We’d Love You To Present For Us … What’s Next?

I am happy to keynote speak in front of 10,000 guests or visit your salon or premises and inspire your staff.

  • The fee to inspire, enlighten, awaken and motivate your team or crowd to be agreed.
  • All bookings are paid in advance, no later than 2-weeks before the date.
  • Transport and accommodation (if needed) are separate to the fee and must be covered.

To hire me to come and speak to your people please go to the contact page and apply from there or give us a call/WhatsApp on +44(0)7793069486.

Here’s to peace, chaos and salon success like you’ve never seen before.

The Salon Punk.

Alan Forrest Smith

CONTACT ME NOW/ WhatsApp/Text/Message/Mobile/Facetime +44 (0)7793069486

P.S. Some of the recent i-snaps from salon talks.