SALON OWNERS … GOOD is no longer good enough. AMAZING is no longer amazing. FANTASTIC is has become average….. Yesterday was yesterday. The world has changed. The conversation has changed.

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EVERYTHING Has Changed In our Industry. Are Ready To Hear and Change The Conversation About Your Salon Business

I’ve been speaking for decades all over the globe.

Alan Forrest Smith here.

I would love to come and talk, inspire, motivate and bring your team to life!

I did my first haircut in 1977 after watching the Sex Pistols. I cut John my pals hair and then died mine green I was 15-years of age. Our mothers almost killed us. I trained as a hairdresser from 1982 onwards, opened my first salon in 1989, my second in 1991 and my third salon in 1994. I sold them all in 2003. Since then I have worked all over the world teaching, mentoring and building businesses.

I’ve delivered inspirational and mind and heart motivating talks to maybe around 25,000 listeners or more.

I am also responsible powerful business transforming direct response marketing strategies that have delivered over £100 million in sales for my clients from varying industries including hairdressing. I suppose I am kind of a respected expert but maybe not as you know it.

I was trained originally to publicly speak at Bible school. I know it’s hard to believe but true. After 20-years of speaker training, I gained acclaim as a top slot speaker not just in my Bible classes but on stages all over the globe over a 20 year period.

I suppose the first time I spoke on stage was with my teenage Punk band Clone Youth. I was scared S@$%less!

I did some speaking at college but like I said my real speaker’s training was at Bible school!

I have spoken in quite a few places as you’ll see.

  • New Zealand, Auckland
  • Australia, Gold coast, Melbourne, Sydney
  • USA, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, California
  • Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia
  • Latvia, Riga
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • England, London, Manchester, Newcastle and more
    Scotland, Edinburgh

“The Most Exciting Motivational Speaker We Have Worked With”

Professor Manfred Rimpler

Inspire Your People, Motivate Your Managers, Energize Your Salon Business

Stories – Visions – Goals – More Sales – More Clients – More Business – Sharing Salon Business and Business Building From Over THREE-DECADES of Real Salon Expertise & Experience

Keynote Talks from The Salon Punk

  • Manifest Your Columns In The 4th Dimension
  • The Attraction Factor For a Super Salon
  • Pioneers The Program – I Am the Future
  • The Art of Deliberately Recreating your Salon
  • Creating Salon Leaders from Chaos
  • Dreaming Your Salon To Number One
  • The Staff Solution Through Reinvention
  • The Anarchy of The Hairdresser And How To Harness It

“INSPIRING” IK Hair Bromsgrove

“FANTASTIC” IK Hair Bromsgrove


“INSPIRING” Paul Hetherington, Le Biosthetique

“WHAT AN AMAZING DAY” Hairdresserstefan

“INSPIRATION” from THE SALON PUNK. Wicked Hair Worcester

“AWESOME” Karen Aldworth




All of my talks are bespoke and take into account your circumstances and conditions. Below is a short clip from a talk I recently did just outside Tbilisi, in The Republic of Georgia for the 12 directors of an 8000 staff corporation specialising in import and distribution and haulage. The talk I created for them was a talk I named… I AM THE FUTURE. It was designed to help human understanding and show the team how their actions today create the future.

Alan, We’d Love You To Present For Us … What’s Next?

I am happy to keynote speak in front of 10,000 guests or visit your salon or premises and inspire your staff.

The fee to inspire and motivate your team or crowd to be agreed.

All bookings are paid in advance, no later than 2-weeks before the date.

Transport and accommodation (if needed) are separate to the fee and must be covered.

To hire me to come and speak to your people please go to the contact page and apply from there or give us a call/WhatsApp on +44(0)7793069486.

Here’s to peace, chaos and salon success like you’ve never seen before.

The Salon Punk.

Alan Forrest Smith

P.S. Some of the recent i-snaps from salon training