Probably The Best Live Speaker You’ll Ever See Live If You Are a Salon Owner …


“The Most Exciting Motivational Speaker We Have Worked With” Professor Manfred Rimpler

Host a day or evening of speaking, insight, awakening, realisation, and fun with a motivational speaker, author, salon business expert and thinker, Alan Forrest Smith – AKA The Salon Punk.

Alan Forrest Smith has presented powerful, moving and breakthrough talks to CEOs, Directors, Managers, Employees, entrepreneurs, and leaders across different industries and in countries as far as New Zealand or as lesser-known as The Republic of Georgia. Alan Forrest Smith speaking and training programs range from signature programs to bespoke and tailor-made programs to suit your individual needs and challenges.

Alan Forrest Smith has presented programs on the following subjects:

  • Modern philosophy in life and business
  • Business, marketing and sales

Breakthrough Business Talks Include

  • Creating Tomorrows Salon Today
  • The Unseen But Clear Future Of Salon Marketing Today
  • Extreme Salon Business Breakthroughs That Defy Logic
  • Extreme Salon Business Turnarounds Case Studies
  • Marketing a Salon on an Almost Zero Budget
  • Direct Marketing But Not As We Know It For The Unique Millenial Generation
  • Copywriting, Conversation, Words & Response Factor – how simple word changes can change everything
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Internet Marketing That Actually Works For Salons

Alan Forrest Smith – The Salon Punk – is able to help you with

  • Clarify a Clear Business and Life Vision
  • Define short and long-term goals
  • Help You Understand  and Master the Art of Customer Service
  • Accelerate Team and Individual Productivity In Days
  • Inspire Yourself and Your Team Into Massive Action
  • How to Win Customers and Keep Them For Life
  • Next-generation of entrepreneurs
  • Pioneer program – empowering and maximizing productivity for the young generation of employees

Here’s Why You Should Have Alan As Your Speaker

He was a hairdresser. He was a salon owner for 20-years. He gets it.

If you are expecting the usual salon speaker dedicated to tickling your ears … Alan’s live gigs won’t be for you. His live gigs are created to inspire, inform, motivate, awaken, transform and help you create a real business. And as a thinking salon owner, Alan wants you to feel challenged, transformed, enlightened, uplifted and pushed into a new direction that will help you grow your salon.

If you need your team, yourself, your results, your energy, your motivation to expand quickly … You should join Alan for what promises to be something you won’t find in this industry right now.

All my talks are based on real-life, real EXTREME results, cases studies and a real business building designed around the 21st century (not the 60s). STRICTLY for salons that demand MORE.

What you should know about hosting Alan

  • Any travel accommodation (if needed) should be covered.
  • The talk and evening will be 3-hours in total.
  • All attendees get an opportunity to buy signed copies of Alan’s books.
  • All attendees get an opportunity to speak directly and ask a question to Alan.
  • Alan prefers a minimum of 25-people at any group and will speak to any number higher than that.
  • Alan has spoken to over 5,000 in one room and has been described as one of the most unusual, motivating and real speakers of modern times.
  • Are you looking for a motivational speaker that will motivate, inspire, move and inform?

Alan Forrest Smith the speaker, began speaking on stages over 30-years ago. He has been invited to share his creative ideas in countries …

  • New Zealand, Auckland
  • Australia, Gold coast, Melbourne, Sydney
  • USA, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, California
  • Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia
  • Latvia, Riga
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • England, London, Manchester, Newcastle and more
  • Scotland, Edinburgh

And has spoken to maybe well over 25,000 people during his speaking career so far!

He has also travelled into the Amazon Rainforest to work with a real Amazonian tribe called the Achuar Indians in deepest Ecuador. This was the results of a fundraiser whilst speaking on stage in Australia where the final count ended up around $70,000 in donations which were given directly to the charity in San Francisco.

Professor Manfred Rimpler of The Medical Academy in Hanover and Head of The Beauty Standards Commission in The EU said… “… you are without a doubt one of the greatest and most highly motivating public speakers I have EVER come across … Andrey Andreeyey Chief Consultant from Russia and Europe said…“you my friend are a superstar, look at them, they love you and what you say to them, you were just fantastic!” and … Chief Editor of Les Nouvelles Estique Elena Marekov in Latvia and Baltic states said this… There no question … Alan is probably one of the greatest motivational speakers in the UK right now. ” they loved you! Look at the reaction, I have seen nothing like this over here before please, please, please come again soon, Alan is one of the most exciting motivational speakers we have worked with”

The Salon Punk EXTREME Gig … How To Book Me …

All my Extreme Educational Salon Punk gigs will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and focused on your salon goals.

  • “INSPIRING” IK Hair Bromsgrove
  • “FANTASTIC” IK Hair Bromsgrove
  • “INSPIRING” Paul Hetherington, Le Biosthetique
  • “WHAT AN AMAZING DAY” Hairdresserstefan
  • “INSPIRATION” from THE SALON PUNK. Wicked Hair Worcester
  • “AWESOME” Karen Aldworth
  • “BRILLIANT” Val Hunt

“Possibly The Best Live Event You’ll Ever Attend If You Are a Salon Owner”

I am happy to work with…

  • Rooms full of salon owners
  • In salons to motivate your team
  • With companies
  • Industry professionals
  • Directly with one-on-one salon owners

But be prepared … I only share the reality of salon life alongside the massive possibility of becoming a number one salon.

Stories – Visions – Goals – More Sales – More Clients – More Business – Sharing Salon Business and Business Building From Over THREE-DECADES of Real Salon Expertise & Experience

I’d love to come and blow your groups away. Contact me here…

To Host An Evening Simply Call/WhatsApp

on: +44(0)7793069486

Love, Salon Punk

Upcoming Live Event

Salon Punk Live

Glasgow – 3rd June, 2019

Pioneers Program – Dates Coming soon!

“I Am The Future”

This training was originally exclusively designed for Salon Extreme Mentees, but we really wanted to share with you some insights to help you get inspired.

When was it last time you trained your stylists to become Extreme stylists? 

What is an extreme stylist anyways?

The Extreme stylist is someone that can increase weekly takings from £250 to £1900! You probably read similar stories on our blog how Extreme stylists get truly amazing results in the salon.  

But it does not happen on it’s own, your stylists deserve to know and understand how they can have more clients, packed columns and more cash at the end of the week.

At SalonPunk right now Alan is training a new generation of hairdressers for our Extreme Mentor clients to turn Stylists into Extreme Stylists. 

I hope this sounds inspiring for you. When did you last train your stylists to help them perform at their peak performance and pack columns?

If you like help with turning your stylists into Extreme stylists this training is a must.

More details and dates coming soon!

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