Are You Up For A SALON EXTREME 21 Challenge?

I’ll Get You a Years Worth of Paying Clients in Just 21-Days

SALON EXTREME 21: “The Toughest, Most Extreme Salon Marketing Program Ever Put Down On Paper.

And probably the No. 1 Salon Marketing Guide On The Planet!

Are You Ready To Try Something More Extreme With More Results For Your Salon?

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Alan here.

IMPORTANT: The SALON EXTREME 21 manual will not be available as a download ever. This is a DESKTOP training manual designed specifically so you get the results you deserve. It is a hard large book with nearly 400 pages and is delivered to your doorstep. We have NO plans to go digital with this book. It is for serious salon owners that want results only! If that’s you you’ll order and wait excitedly for your delivery regardless of the time it takes to arrive.

I started my hairdressing career when I was 15-yrs old. I got my first salon when I was 23-yrs and had 3-salons for almost 20-yrs. I spoken to salon owners all over the world about marketing. Today I work with over 400 different business as a premium marketing advisor. I’ve saved hairdressing salons from closing and built huge salons from the ground up. One salon owner I worked with used EXTREME and got EXTREME results of over 53.4% and 116% increase in salon business. Another had over 400 new clients from one EXTREME campaign.

This stuff is ridiculous – it works!

When I decided to create SALON EXTREME 21 fast-track marketing I knew it would produce extreme results – fast – in 21-days fast because I have been doing just that for just over 30-yrs now for my clients all over the world for decades now.

And it does but are you EXTREME enough, strong enough and committed enough to try it? Are you brave enough to pack out your salon with new clients in hours? Are you brave enough to run around like a headless chicken for 21-days. Are you brave enough to take the lead in your salon and actually be the person that makes things truly happen.

SALON EXTREME 21 will feel and can be tough but the rewards for you as a salon owner are just huge. More clients, more money and more time for you.

It’s extreme but worth it. And believe me this is the most EXTREME SALON training manual ever put together.

What do salon extreme 21 results look like?

  • A quiet day filled within 60 minutes
  • A new stylist packed 4 weeks before they even start
  • Over 300 new clients per stylist in just 21-days

FORGET EVERYTHING you know about salon marketing or have been told or have read about salon marketing. This isn’t about a bore-me-to-death Facebook program or google ads or SEO that makes not a scrap of difference to your salon. This is EXTREME – SALON EXTREME 21. A program designed and tested to pack your salon faster than fast!

I’ve taken over 30-Years of everything I have learnt about the salon business on the front-lines, the shop-floor and working with salon owners just like you. It works!

This isn’t about new marketing and the latest fad and this isn’t about old marketing that is slow. SALONE XTREME 21 is about what will work for you right now, today and works extremely fast.


So what I have done is create something EXTREME because to get an EXTREME results takes over-the-top and extreme actions. And guess what… surely doing something like this for just 21-days only isn’t going to kill you. That still leaves you with 344 days in the rest of the year where you can benefit from the amazing results of SALON EXTREME 21 faster than fast-track marketing system!

If it wasn’t EXTREME you wouldn’t be able to get such intense and high-powered results in your salon! Do something different – go SALON EXTREME 21!

One test with SALON EXTREME 21 brought in one salon owner over 400 new clients from a single promotion! The results you will see really will speak for themselves.

So If You Think You Need Just Facebook To Get Your Salon Rammed – Get Over It!

And just so you know.

Unlike many salon experts with NO SALON EXPERIENCE – I get it, I understand how it is everyday in a salon.

For almost 20-years I had 3-salons of my own! I know exactly how tough it is and that feeling when you arrive at your salon open your appointment book and there are more gaps than there are clients.

And I also know how hard it is when you really need a new stylist, you finally find one and start them in your salon only to struggle with clients for them and have to find their wage at the end of the month.

And I get it when you have a mountain of bills to pay whilst all your team are sitting in the back room, liking, un-liking, blocking posting, tagging and fagging away whilst you freak out over the amount of cash you are taking and the amount of bills to be paid.

I Get It Because I Did It And I Understand What It Takes To Fix It!

SALON EXTREME 21 is about you, your salon and your numbers. Created by an expert that has been there already and solved almost any marketing problem you might have. But this time SALON EXTREME 21 is designed to get you a years worth of clients in just 21-days!


Everything you need to pack out your salon the SALON EXTREME 21 way is in the 300 page desktop manual.

  • 379 Page Desktop Manual
  • 38,000 words on salon marketing
  • Dozens of easy-to-copy examples
  • Worksheets
  • FREE manual Updates (online)
  • Page 22. Understanding real salon marketing
  • Page 31. Getting your stylist busy with simple planning
  • Page 37. How to know what a client is really worth
  • Page 48. How to create the perfect salon team
  • Page 52. How to know what you want to create for your life from your salon
  • Page 55. How to interview a new team
  • Page 59. How to educate your new staff quickly
  • Page 67. How to be sure your stylists understand the SALON EXTREME 21 program
  • Page 72. How to do a SALON EXTREME 21 consultation
  • Page 82. How to make sure your stylist starts prepared and informed on day one!
  • Page 90. How to create SALON EXTREME 21 RESULTS GOALS
  • Page 97. What kind of salon marketing works best?
  • Page 98. how to get dirt cheap advertising rates!
  • Page 100. Should you use Facebook for marketing?
  • Page 106. How to increase your salon takings four-fold
  • Page 116. Classifieds adverts how to grab clients from them
  • Page 136. How to create a flood of clients in minutes!
  • Page 144. How to ramp up sales using a business card
  • Page 154. The secret of getting referrals
  • Page 159. How to fill your salon using SMS/text
  • Page 166. How to really use social media for SALON EXTREME 21 results
  • Page 170. How to get any new stylist started the SALON EXTREME 21 way
  • Page 183. 3-Magic words your stylist must use every day
  • Page 190. How to pack out any new column 4-weeks before a new stylist starts!
  • Page 203 How to use TAGME EX21 for mass of clients
  • Page 204 SELFIETAG EX21
  • Page 205 RED CARPET EX21
  • Page 215 How to get clients to pay for one year of appointments in advance
  • Page 220 How to create a private members hair club
  • Page 244. Why the SALON EXTREME 21 approach to FREE hairdressing never fails!

One more thing I have done for you. I have created this manual to be scribbled, written all over with as many notes as you possibly can add. This is a working manual you will put on the deal in your salon so your personal notes will be critical. They are all there for you.

This has a real value of almost £1,195

But now for a limited period only I am going to let you own the ENTIRE SALON EXTREME 21 PROGRAM for only 1-payment of $297

And it is important you remember that you as a salon owner – SALON EXTREME 21 is designed also to change things for you.

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can easily get off the shop floor, relax and watch your appointment book burst with new business (getting off the salon floor might feel impossible, right. Not now I promise with SALON EXTREME 21)

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can watch and support your stylists and team take all the cash for YOUR salon and your wages, their wages and new profits for some more of life luxuries for yourself like new cars, holiday and time with your family

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can be amazed as you watch your new client database literally erupt like a tub of bleach left overnight (one salon owner went from 400 new using SALON EXTREME 21!)

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can be taken by the hand and be blown-over as you see your hair salon business hit new levels and break old targets week, after week, after week (one salon owner has reported to me during numerous supporting phone calls that she had to buy the shop next door to accommodate new business. Her salon income tripled over a 3-4 month period!).

YOU AS A SALON OWNER: Can kick-start the cheapest yet highest returning salon marketing program you’ll ever see in your life. SALON EXTREME 21 WILL give you the most powerful ways to build your salon in just 21 days!

There is NOTHING like SALON EXTREME 21 out there for you right now! Grab your copy before the salon down the road grabs theirs. This manual will have you towering over any other salon competition.

SALON EXTREME 21 is SALON MARKETING made outrageously easy but FAST!





BUT …If you’re still not sure that is fine I understand because there really isn’t anyway I can describe how it feels to watch your salon transform before your eyes over a period as short as 21-days. To see clients almost falling out of your door because of the SALON EXTREME 21 program and to see those results transformed into real cash in your bank account.

If you are willing to go SALON EXTREME 21 and take just 21-days out of your 365 days this year I promise you there will be a result for you that will blow you away.

But you have to commit because this could be the toughest thing you’ve done in your salon yet and if you will commit – this is for you and you will be saying it was worth every last penny.

Yes Alan I am ready to go EXTREME – SALON EXTREME 21!

Send me in the mail the complete 300 page desktop SALON EXTREME 21 training manual. Plus any free gifts mentioned all for just 1 payments of $297.00. I understand that SALON EXTREME 21 comes with a 30-day money back guarantee as long as I mail back the manual in re-sellable condition.

And I am committed to logging everyday down, sharing exactly how I built my salon in 21-days and all the other SALON EXTREME 21 tracks and tips.

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