SALON MENTOR 2023  – Bigger, Better and More Powerful Than Any Year Ever Before

Stripped Back, Simplified, Direct, Results Driven and Salon Owners Raving About Their Reborn Business.

The NEW way Forward For Salons …

  • Rebellion: breaking rules and making our own rules

  • Revolution: opposing and doing the opposite to what the industry is saying

  • Ressurection: back to life by doing only what works

  • Results: like I doubt you’ve heard about or will have seen in any salon

Mind-Blowing Results …

  • 7-Month Old Salon Saved From Closure (By harnessing my overwhelming B.O.G strategy with massive results)
  • 36-Year Old Salon Went From Stale To Seductive ( going from dull and me too to sexy, seductive and client attracting)
  • 20-Year Old Salon Business Transformed with New Huge and Unique Ideas (by taking the opposite route as all salons we have created a totally unique salon experience)
  • Five Year Old Salon Saves £24,000 After a Single Conversation

What you are about to read is from the front-lines of our business. Some of the numbers will sound unbelievable. Some of the stories will read like fairy tales. And some of the results will blow you away. And what you are about to read is as recent as a week ago as I write you.

But let me be very clear.

IF you are looking for help just getting more clients through social media what I do isn’t for you.

IF you want your salon to be the only option and give you a business that creates a happier life for you – do not miss a single word on this page.

IF you are looking for cheap or free advice I do not offer anything like that here.

All I can offer you is results like I doubt you will have seen before regardless of the size or age of salon business.

Incredible Results – Incredible Salons Can Be Like This…

  • £5,984 new salon income with zero new clients (in a single week)
  • Uncovering 8,000 potential new clients (with a real value of £704,000)
  • Recruitment on steroids (Taking new stylist applicants to 14 in a single day)
  • Real marketing that filled a dead salon in one week (10 days to open and not a single client booked in. I packed the salon in 3-days for 6-weeks)
  • Salon average bills up from £23 to as high as £300 + (so simple you’ll start asking why never before now)
  • 53.4% increase in just 4-weeks (without adding a single new client into the business)
  • Front-of-House Restructured (MISSED calls totally eliminated and sales UP!)
  • Major Salon Business Restructuring (from wage structuring to recruitment to brand positioning and more)
  • 12-month growth plan in place with real numbers and real opportunity (one salon hit their 12-month plan in a crazy 7-weeks)

Would you like results like that above?

Don’t underestimate any of those numbers. They have resulted in direct salon sales going into the millions and created happier salon owners that can live their life with less stress and a more successful business.

If you are like most salon owners you will relate to what I am about to share with you.

First, I started my real training in hairdressing in 1982 (I actually started cutting hair well before then in the late 70s). By 1989 I opened my first salon and by 1992 I opened my 3rd. In 2003, I had sold all three and began a journey of business building and breakthroughs for my own clients. This resulted in a huge variety of results that included saving businesses, creating multi-million pound businesses, completely restructuring businesses and giving business owners the results they truly deserve for their business (more about me here).

I am also published author of best-selling books on business, philosophy and fiction. All easy to find online. I have

But that’s me – how about you?

There is a huge problem in the salon industry. I think you will know what I mean.

The most recent is over focus in social media and a business solution. You might get the followers, the likes and even the clients but if the foundation of the business isn’t fixed it all comes to nothing.

It might be you’ve taken expert advice from a mass of new experts online that don’t have the real business experience that can give you the fix you really need for your salon.

Or you could be a salon that has been seduced by the cosmetic companies to sell more, to retail more, to give away endless commissions that can be impossible to work out and to brand up your salon as an ambassador for a big brand. The reality is they sell more, you get have now become an outlet for someone else rather than building your own brand salon.

You’ve probably also been affected by what I call lazy marketing practices. This is sold by software companies as a click and go solution to building your salon. They create templates messages for you to send and even charge you for sending them. The problem again is most of the time it doesn’t increase salon sales.

Or being part of a insight or secret group on Facebook where success and dreams are shared. You try what you read but it just doesn’t really work in your salon.

More time lost

More salons lost

More frustration as a salon owner.


But I am sure you know that and have tired, that, right? And how has that worked out for you?

Let me share this with you.

The Way Your Clients and Staff Think Has Fundamentally Changed

As a human behaviour and business expert first and a salon expert second, I will tell you what you already know – NONE of the above will or can work in your salon if you want to grow a serious business.

I mean can you imagine going into a huge corporation that needs helps and saying to them … “Open a Facebook and Instagram account, that’ll solve everything”. From a business perspective that would be stupidly bad advice.

I will explain why and then explain the only way to restructure and rebuild your salon business.

How I Fixed Real Salons At Every Level Just Like Yours

The big problem with salons are we are all being trained to create another version of another salon. We are either a good version of salon before or a not so good version. Either way we are just another salon.

If we ask the industry for advice – the advice can be great advice but it usually revolves around committing to them and buying their product. There’s nothing wrong with that but I have met plenty of salons that are tied into product deals that don’t make any money.

And then there are the experts out there that read a book and then declare themselves the best expert ever. This is a huge problem because there is far more to running a salon business than doing what everyone else is doing. In fact, my only mantra is this…

If every salon is doing that – do the opposite – if you want to create an incredible salon business.

And for me this means…

Going deep into all of my salon mentor clients and carefully dissecting their business until we find the issue. Only once that issue has been found do I take any action to fix, repair, restructure or start again.

Why this way? Because most salons think when there is a problem they just ned more customers. That isn’t true.

I have seen a salon with a retention rate of just 22% That means out of every 100 clients going into the salon just 22 stays and the other 78 go somewhere else. So, you can pour as many new clients into a salon as you like but if the underlying issues are not fixed … the salon will probably still close.

Is Your Salon TUNED in To The NEW Way Of The World – Or Are Your Still Running Your Salon Like It’s The 80s?

Here’s what I’ve Discovered.

Most salons are run the way salons have always run. Open up, offer services like everyone else and hope clients keep coming back. It’s very 80s way of doing things and won’t work in 2020 for reasons I have proved time and time again. The way clients think and act and do has changed dramatically. The customer being online with a phone in their pocket has changed everything. That includes the way your clients think and act. This has reduced loyalty to a thing of the past. This has created more problems for salon owners that solutions.

And if you’ve read this far is everything you are doing that I might have spoken about working or are you starting to have a moment? Keep reading as what you are about to read is going to get even more interesting.

The Biggest Thing You Need to Do In Your Salon is This.

I took an 11-year old salon from £286,000 to £520,000 with this one thing… A BIG IDEA.

What does that mean?

It means that when a salon opens the salon is usually running like any other salon. You’ll know what that means. But to get a big result a different result or a breakthrough result in a salon it takes a BIG IDEA that is very different to what other salons like yours are doing.

Let me ask you these two questions then?

Are you doing Instagram or Facebook or other online activities because everyone else is?

Are you getting real results – more clients – more profits – from doing these things?

I think I know how you answered because let me be frank, I have seen plenty of salons and businesses close despite having huge amounts of likes and followers online.

And in my experience the best and strongest way to fix this is with BIG IDEAS!

This is where my salon mentor is EXTREME, it’s tough, its disruptive, its powerful and it can change everything as I will show you in a moment.

Let me also say this…

I believe in the power of chaos. Chaos and creativity when put to one side and boxed can only create a business that is doing as good as it can do.

I will make sure we release the chaos of the creative mind and give you changes like you’ve never seen before.

How can I do this.

OK now might be a good time to give you a couple of experiences. I cannot give you every detail for privacy reasons but I will share with you …

I know you probably want to read about an example or two so here they are. Some details are changed for privacy reasons. The numbers and facts are accurate and verifiable.

Transforming Salons From 7-Month Old To 35 Years Old …

This gives me a unique edge to how I think and how I think about business. This is why “INSANE” MENTOR program – SALON MENTOR EXTREME works.

Anyway less about me and more about the experience of SALON MENTOR EXTREME and what it has done for salon owners just like you.

SAGE SALON Wickham, U.K.


“The salon is changing, the phone has never stopped – Just INSANE”
In 4 weeks he has refocused our attention on stabilising and building a BUSINESS.
He has almost DOUBLED our turnover in 4 weeks…….at the quietest time of the year!!
He has opened our eyes to everything about our business and what we were doing and has flipped it on its head!!
Sage Salon Wickham

SAGE HAIR in Wickham, UK began SALON MENTOR EXTREME Jan 2nd, 2018. Here is what has happened in just 23-days so far.


  • TURNOVER: more than Doubled
  • NEW CLIENTS: up to 30 plus per week
  • COLOUR SALES: Up over 100%
  • NEW STAFF: found and started
  • SALON MANAGEMENT: Fixed fast
  • BEST WEEKS EVER: despite it being January – their 3-best weeks ever and still increasing every week.
  • NEW MARKETING STRATEGY: fast, proven, bespoke, effective and working like crazy

The following has been done without hardly any marketing and is part of a very precise, detailed, tested and focused 12-week plan. What you are about to read is part one. Part one is about stabilising the salon business.

During this period my SALON MENTOR EXTREME clients have open access to my 33-years experience. They can text, call, email, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, face-to-face as often as needed. One day I have had around 50 plus texts from just one mentor client. ALL clients get a direct reply from me within seconds.

Read what the salon owner sent to me after just 23 days into their SALON MENTOR EXTREME Program …



Well, what can I say!!

We had a salon, a team, a business – Or so we thought!! We were taking on average £2,000-ish a week, it covered the bills… just! We spent A LOT of nights worrying about how we were going to pay the staff if there was money in the bank to pay the product company…. We didn’t take a wage, we didn’t have any spare cash, we thought we were doing everything like we should but we were still not seeing any increase….until we called Alan.

We spent many more nights wondering whether we should take the risk, it was a lot of money that we certainly didn’t have. We made the jump… and it was honestly …


Alan ripped our business apart and showed us it in a completely different light….In 4 weeks he has refocused our attention on stabilising and building a BUSINESS. He has almost DOUBLED our turnover in 4 weeks…….at the quietest time of the year!! He has opened our eyes to everything about our business and what we were doing and has flipped it on its head!!


Again, we are just 4 weeks in…..we cant for the results after 12. Alan is fantastic, he is supportive, encouraging and he knows what he’s talking about! He is ALWAYS at the end of the phone, he keeps us focused and he gets results…… it ’s just simply amazing!

I can’t wait to write about our journey after the next 4 weeks!


Rich and Steph, Sage Hair Wickham

Alan is saying and doing the opposite to what the industry experts are telling you.

“Two Salons DOUBLED new clients” –  Simon, ZigZag Salon Group

They say there’s no school like the old skool and Alan is definitely the headmaster of the hairdressing industry and since working with Alan even though we were a little shocked at what he was asking us to do however we implement what he asked and are now starting to see results and can see the light at the end of the tunnel with two of our salons doubling their new clients to 17%.”
Simon Hayter, CEO ZigZag Hairdressing Group

For ZigZig I did the following (and much more)

  • Fixed a stylist issue: Built a brilliant graduate training program that put TWO NEW GRADUATES into the top five stylist positions in just 6-weeks. This is out of over fifty stylists.
  • Rebranded everything including his websites and all marketing materials
  • Created a new positioning program
  • Created a strapline – Zig Zag Your Hair
  • Created incredible offers that packed his new salon for weeks on end
  • Poured tons of new clients into his salons.
  • Did an in-house training program to inspire and push his team in greater things
  • Oversaw and created a new marketing program for newspapers and all adverts
  • Created a new super-effective radio advert
  • Created a new management program
  • Trained his area manager
  • Created a program and advised on all social media use

 “A Kick-Ass Mentor”

We had been on Alan’s email list for a long time and I initially found him through his orange beetle site.

It was the philosopher-poet in him that attracted me to Alan; that and the fact he is a kick-ass mentor.
And when I say he is kick ass, he has definitely kicked ours a couple of times!!

we’re a salon that was doing well but lurching from one crisis to another. We contacted Alan after one particular series of staff crisis as we couldn’t see the wood for the trees and felt that we needed a new direction and help to steer the ship.

Alan came in and immediately saw what need doing and helped us very quickly focus on the important stuff –

  • He got us to immediately concentrate on the numbers, daily/weekly totals, clients and averages
  • He helped us write and set in motion a kick-ass campaign to get new ROCK STAR staff and got us to think about recruitment in a different way – and within two weeks we had 2 new members of staff that are now pulling in over a £1000 a week!!
  • We recruited a kick-ass Receptionist.
  • He helped set in motion, weekly and daily meetings with our team; holding them accountable for their columns
  • We introduced new specialist services

  • Raised prices overnight by 10% with no client losses
  • Created a managers role and filled that the position from within our existing team
  • Started an email campaign with a 71% open rate – unheard of
  • In the beginning, the plan we worked out with Alan was to be doing 10k weeks,  and although we’re not quite there yet, we know that 10k is within touching distance and we’re determined to get there, and soon!

Honestly, Alan has helped us focus and given us belief.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been really hard but rewarding work !! Alan has been there constantly in the background cajoling, demanding, driving and giving us ideas and has been on hand 24hrs a day!

He is true to his word. Honest as hell and a great guy that wants you to succeed at all times. I think any business will benefit from working with Alan.

Izaak Brading & James Langley

Mod Salons, Leeds

Yet Another EXTREME SALON SUCCESS Despite Impending Closure

SALON MENTOR: Caroline Sanderson from Ego Hair in Inverness, Scotland

The huge business mountain facing Caroline was pretty obvious. She is in a city (Inverness, Scotland) with a population of just 41,000. She also had fierce competition from a host of other well-known salons including a couple of large chain franchise salons.

Caroline contacted me, then decided to join SALON MENTOR despite being heavily in debt, having bailiffs knocking at her door, no staff, no real business anymore and no idea what to do next and on the verge of closing after almost 10-years in her salon.

She Wanted To Close Her Salon – I Rebuilt Her Salon

After a long consultation, the hair salon goals and 12-month vision I set for Caroline were very simple but remember – she wanted to sell – I persuaded her to fix it and then sell if she wanted to.

I had planned …


  • Get her off the salon shop floor so she could dedicate more time to her kids
  • Create a structure within the salon so she could walk in and out knowing it’ll be fine
  • Position the salon as the towns number one choice for hairdressing
  • Create a brand new income stream for her that she would enjoy doing on a daily basis
  • Fill the salon with the very best team
  • Create mass-marketing systems for fast coverage
  • Get every team member packed from morning until night
  • Give her more time with her family

Do this with as little spend as possible (because there was no cash)

So I got to work and planned everything very carefully and UNIQUEto her salon.

She worked really hard in her salon, she did everything she I showed her to do, put everything in place to get her salon business changed and working. And she worked extra time now so she could get the results she desired within her hair salon business.

I want you to remind you before we started working together Caroline by her own admission was struggling to keep her salon business open.

By the way, she is also an artist doing hairdressing to support her art. Artists are NOT the greatest business people.


  • After four weeks I INCREASED her salon business by 53.4%
  • After four weeks I had a new team in place in her hairdressing salon.
  • After just four weeks she had cash in the till
  • After just four weeks she had a marketing system that was up and running and delivering results
  • Within no limit, her turnover was up by 116%.

Rather than close her salon she went on to grow her new salon business and move premises to a bigger, better more central location.


She did exactly what I told her in her salon and the results arrived and kept on flowing.

Caroline Sanderson’s Own Words …


  • BOOKED-UP: Showed her how to get top-flight stylists knocking daily for work
  • PRICE STRUCTURE: Showed her how to price her service properly so clients would want more
  • STAFF MANAGEMENT: How to control her staff and be fair with them so they stopped leaving
  • PACKED COLUMNS: How to fill every column from morning until night so she could do less
  • COLUMN BUILDER: How to make sure any new staff would be fully booked before they arrive at her salon using a proven and fail-proof column building system
  • DIARY MANAGEMENT: How to make sure no salon time would be lost by staff booking in fake appointments – I showed her how to kill phantom bookings dead
  • FREE ADVERTISING: How to get cheap salon advertising and in many cases FREE advertising that made sure the salon was always packed

  • WEB MASTERY: How to use the web EFFECTIVELY to get more clients
  • SALON MARKETING THAT WORKED: How to create effective salon marketing campaigns that blew the phone off the hook
  • SOCIAL: How to use Facebook properly and other social media for maximum effect for her salon
  • MEASURING: How to track and measure everything for the best hair salon results
  • STRONG SALON: How to build a strong business that would become her towns No.1 salon so she could sell eventually
  • SELL MORE: How to sell more services, colour, retail and more

The list of what I did for her salon was endless but here is a rough idea.

And so much more.

“This is Caroline Sanderson. I’m a SALON MENTOR student of Alan’s.

I took the plunge and entered SALON MENTOR with Alan.

I had to fight back the ‘I cant afford it demons’ and go for it because I knew if I wanted really fast track change with my hair salon I needed to invest and spend time with someone who had been there done it.

I can hardly believe THE CHANGE in not only my business but in ME.

Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance took my business to a 53.4% rise in one month, 116% rise in one year. It would have been more but I had to make HUGE decisions along the way to create the hairdressing salon of my dreams which meant having the confidence to make changes and get the people out who I knew deep down were not right for me and my business in the long term.

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to make these changes without Alan’s support. ‘GO FOR IT. (if ever)

With Alan’s support, I made the changes and STILL made the 116% growth. I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near full capacity but he have given me a better understanding of business and I am just about to launch 2 big projects out with the salon.

I now have the confidence and knowledge to push my career forward and create the work life I want… He has GENIUS IDEAS that were so inspiring I didn’t take much time to get excited and start putting them into action.

Anyone thinking of working with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question – It will change your life like it did mine.

Here is how my salon business and life look AFTER SALON MENTOR.


  • I have 12-weeks Holiday Each Year
  • I work ONE Day a Week On The Salon Floor
  • Bought a new Car
  • New Client Rate Up To 32%
  • Rebooking from 15% to 180%
  • New Staff Applications Through The Roof
  • From Salon Zero To Number One in my City
  • Marketing Budget Reduced To Almost Zero

  • Ability To Fill My Salon in Less Than An Hour
  • Number one Facebook Salon in my city
  • Mastered Facebook for Client Management
  • New Website On Page One of Google
  • Existing Stylists All Packed Out Every day
  • Salon Services UP 105%
  • Retail Sales UP 72%

And More?

Thanks, Alan!

Caroline Sanderson Scottish Hairdresser of the Year and Salon Owner Ego Hair Inverness

 AN EXTRA £959 A WEEK – from one stylist!

 read this story from Steve Winder. Steve is a salon owner like you that I Mentored.

“Hi Alan

I have been in the hairdressing business for 12 years. I have 2 shops one just hairdressing and one that is hair and beauty. The latter I have had for 3 years and the other for nearly 8 years.

The first shop has gone from strength to strength and staff retention has been fantastic however this has caused its own problems with a certain amount of what I call “Comfort Zoning” everyone does well and earns a good wage things is easy and everyone works reasonably hard.

With rising overheads over the last 2 years, things from a profit point of view have suffered. I keep tight budgets 14%-16% of turnover for stock and retail 55% wage bill etc. The wages have been difficult to control for the following reasons:

As minimum wage has hit Juniors have become very expensive. We have had the luxury of training our juniors during the day which has affected turnover but the training has been much more successful as they take more in during the day and I feel that it would be a step in the wrong direction to go back to evenings.

I was paying my stylists 40% of their takings on target figures, however, I realised these were becoming easier to hit and were too low. As we improved the average bill and got things the way they should be everyone was hitting their 40% with ease.

So in November, we had a price increase of 10% (for the business) and we changed stylists commission to 35%. Fun that was as you can imagine trying to explain that one, anyway I have put in bonuses so in-fact they can still earn 40% but at much more realistic figures.

I have never really marketed our salon or done special offers apart from Christmas time more to reward the clients than anything else.

Then I stumbled across Alan at SALON PUNK and found the content really refreshing and interesting and exciting. After reading many of your ebooks I soon realised how I had been missing out!!

So the minute I saw your MENTORING advice I just had to get it.

The day I got it I was presenting a Strategy Meeting with my staff, what a fantastic opportunity to put what I was reading into practice.

So I explained some of the things we were going to do and they all seemed very supportive. At the same time, I had a really good Senior Stylist from my other shop leave and I used the Job Flyers in the window to help find someone.

I have always had an ongoing recruitment plan in place but this was the first time I had really marketed the idea. What a response, not so much from stylists but receptionists and juniors coming out of my ears. One stylist did come in but he wanted to work at my first shop and not the other as he had a big client base he said would follow him.

So I thought well I do not really need someone here but I will interview him and give him a trade test. He was Fantastic!!! I just had to take him on!!!! So great new stylist, your marketing programs, let’s give it a real shot. You see to him this was how we always operated he did not realise that I had just got all this great information.

So we worked thru Alan’s vouchers, how to get people to rebook, consultation, with the focus on redesign (as everyone in our area is “colour experts”) flyers in the windows are new stylist offers, out in the street giving out leaflets, in local shops and in the area he used to work in, and as I said …

… he was fully booked Thursday, Friday and Saturday taking £700 even with the offers. Great! I monitored his progress put up the sheets you sent and put all the others staffs details on their two.

Now we have always put a graph in the staff room every week but without the detail its always been who took the most. Every member of staff was interested and could not wait to find out who had rebooked the most clients.

The second week went just as well even though the weather caused a lot of cancellations. But he was still busy full booked Friday and Saturday, he even took the most on Saturday just gone!!!

I have noticed that the rest of the team have really started to pull their socks up, have started to be able to fit people in? retail more? have fun in trying to get clients to rebook?.

The third week. Things still going well!! My new stylist took £959.00 net last week and did loads of offers, the flyer re only 50 cut & colours working fantastically well.

He has done 10 new clients to the salon and 50% have already re-booked. Starting new stylist at our other shop next week and we will be doing the same with her.

So far things have gone extremely well with Alan’s mentor advice I promise to keep you posted. Thanks.

Kind Regards.”

Steve Winder, Salon Owner

PS Steve recently updated me on his progress and tells me one of his team is taking around £1,700 per week and all the salon is booked up every single week. It has taken him 16 weeks to get to this stage. NOT BAD I SAY!

The Young Graduate From £250 a week to £1,700 a week


This is a killer story and a story of possibility that I have seen many salon owners resist. Let me say this … a graduate is a stylist but still in training. Most graduates have a capability that needs to be encouraged, nurtured and released. This way they will perform for you. If you don’t at some point release them onto the shop floor they will move on to a salon that will allow them to express themselves more fully. That leaves you going back to the interviews and being short staffed.

So, the salon owner had lost a couple of stylists and his manager. He told me about this young 20-year old that is still a graduate. After talking about her work he said she isn’t good enough. He is an amazing hairdresser with decades of experience so he was measuring the girl against his own skillset. I encouraged him to forget the industry bullshit, rules and restrictions for now and give the kid a chance.

We planned it carefully knowing and understanding that we might have around four-weeks of hairdressing work that maybe wasn’t quite as good as it should be. I do know this though – what we notice as experienced hairdressers from graduates the client rarely will notice unless of course it is an absolute disaster. Even then that can easily be avoided 99% of the time.

Anyway, we put a plan of action together and pushed her in at the deep-end with a client column.  Despite the small amount of work that wasn’t quite as it should have been she started to flourish very early on. I wanted to capture and encourage her youthful and internal enthusiasm and rapid growth process in an extreme way.

When we began this small journey her column would be taking around just £250 a week.

In under ten-weeks of doing as I had planned using my more Extreme Methods© and directed my salon owner she delivered a week’s takings in her column of £1,700 in turnover.

Unreal. Unbelievable. Jaw-Dropping. Faking it? Absolute verifiable and true!

Worth remembering it’s pretty rare to find stylists that are taking more than £1,000 per week through their column so for a salon baby this was just cool!


  • We gave her a chance a perfect opportunity.
  • We made her believe everything was possible.
  • We showed her the door to her dreams.
  • We offered her a real possibility.

And we encouraged her. We showed her love. We spent time with her and her work skills. We set the bar high. We set her targets high but to her these were just targets and we never mentioned they were high. We trained her to work on her averages for all services especially higher average services like colour and Olaplex.

This whole process was tracked and measured daily. The tracking encouraged the salon owner but it also gave the stylist a position to be responsible for hitting her targets. Tracing and measuring everything is an essential key to extreme change.

As I type she is still doing incredibly well with her now weekly packed and high-demand column.

From £550 a week to £2000 plus per week –INSANE!

This salon owner sent me his salon numbers. I noticed as the salon owner he was taking and performing very low.

We talked about it and I noticed he allowed the clients to make decisions. They would tell him as a hairdresser what to do. Another thing I noticed quickly was the fear he had of asking at the desk for invoices. So we re-invented and recreated his consultation process. This process took time to practice and get right.

He was to listen closely and then offer his honest, open and direct advice. He knew what would look amazing on the client but never felt as though he could really share that advice and changes without his client’s permission or the client’s request.

He discovered most clients want hair change – this means higher averages.

He discovered most clients wanted to try or have colour – this again means higher averages.

He discovered most clients want incredible feeling hair – more charge.

In fact he discovered so much that his column went from a fluctuating £500 to over £2,000 per week and is stable at around £2,000 per week.

How did we do that?

  • By listening very close to what the client was asking for.
  • By regaining his confidence and knowing the client was ready to change and spend in his salon.
  • By understanding that price isn’t the issue regardless of how high it went it was a fear of a hair disaster that was the issue for the client.
  • By advising colour and creating new technique for client colour.
  • By advising restyle and charging for the restyle and colour or anything else like retail that went with the restyle.
  • By gaining confidence in his prices and his value.

Very quickly, in fact, in under a week his numbers began to rise very fast.

The first week we worked together his taking was around £250 as an average. By the time he had completed his Mentor Extreme© program, his column was hitting £2,000 and above. He had also had an extreme average bill of £163. How would you feel asking for that at your desk?

This revealed a lot for me and it was this. Even the most experienced and senior hairdressers can make massive, fast and extreme changes in their columns when they want to.

Self-belief is a major key.

How to sell over 250 Olaplex services!

When I discovered Olaplex I couldn’t believe more salons weren’t selling it. £25 per shot has to be the easiest money ever. Most salons I deal with are selling literally a handful every week.

The one thing I noticed is that the price is a major factor for the staff. How do you ask for £25 for essentially what is a squirt of hair cream?

Well that is how hairdresser was seeing it.

So we did a little training on mindsets and mental buying patterns. This of course reveal something obvious that really isn’t that obvious… the client is buying amazing condition, shine and hair health – not a squirt of cream.

So with a new approach to consulting we finally added this one thing and this one thing was powerful.

Ready? Here it is.

It was a question.

“Have you heard of Olaplex?”

The client would mostly say no and the stylist would explain the magical power of Olaplex.

One salon I worked with went from selling two Olaplex a week to selling – 27 in a single week. Shall I tell you what that is in cash?

An extra £675 at the desk and all they had to do was ask a question. The client would reply yes or no.

Easy right?

Here’s what we learned.


  • We have to think as the client thinks.
  • We have to tell the client what client needs.
  • We should never assume what the client wants to pay.
  • We should never assume the price is high for them.
  • We should never assume they’d never pay the extra.
  • We should be trained and try different approaches to make sure what we are doing is working.


Get as much FREE support as possible from our suppliers. The more we sell the more discounts we demand so we increase our profits.

Now imagine this. Going from just 2 to 27 Olaplex services in a single week and with takings at £675 from the new weekly Olaplex sales.

If that kind of extreme momentum was maintained for a year that means an extra £35,100 in turnover from a little squirt or two of cream! That’s a vision worth thinking about don’t you think?

What’s stopping you?

CLIENTS UP a totally mental 583%

New clients up by a totally mental 583%

This salon had 2% new clients. That isn’t enough to grow and would eventually mean certain closure in the future. So how did we increase those new clients from one a week to over forty in a single week?

The big myth is you have to endlessly advertise for new clients – you don’t. But you do have to do something. Some salons hate advertising of any kind and want to simply attract clients. Believe me some salons do just that and they do it incredibly well. My wife always went to an indie salon in London. Prices were high, staff looked like rock stars, you couldn’t make an appointment so at times you’d have to wait two hours for a haircut. The chance of getting a request stylist was slim unless you sat and waited forever. They were and are packed.

But they are the unusual. Most salons I work with struggle to get new clients and feel the only way to get them is to discount or advertise. This as they say is fake news.

Let me say a line about discounting. It will destroy your salon long term and is very difficult to reverse. There is a blog all about this on www.salonpunk.comworth a read if you haven’t read it.

So how did we pull in over forty new clients in a week and growing?


We simply asked every existing client to bring a friend or family member that hadn’t been before if they would bring a new client into our salon. This took confidence, patience, training, and trial and error. Some staff didn’t like doing it and some loved doing it. The potential was huge and over 64 new clients in a week was a result for sure.

But look at this.

The average bill in this salon was £41.50. That meant an extra £2,656 based on the averages in a single week in that salon but it was higher – much higher because they are also selling Olaplex, restyles and other client demand services. In a single week this salon had increased its turnover by over £3,000.

Like I warned you – unbelievable – extreme and mind-blowing numbers. No wonder a long-term rep advised a salon owner what I do was made up numbers. Yes to most they are but the reality is this is very do-able for you and your salon by making simple changes.

Would you like that?

You know time and time again I see this stuff as so simple. It is a little effort and some extra training. If you can do that you can increase your salon turnover very fast.

EXTREME Salon Turnaround That Took Just 12-Days!

This was a salon that was going to close at the end of the month. Now image this.

She hadn’t been paid for months. Debt was spiraling out of control. Her staff wages and stock were a struggle to pay. She couldn’t pay her mortgage. Can you image the pressure and stress and sleepless nights? I get that because I have been there and it freezes you to the spot so that it feels like nothing is possible.

It’s worth sharing what she was doing to get busy. It wont take me long to tell you because it was one single thing.

Social media.

She has spent what look liked forever investing, spending and posting on social media with no results to show for it yet she carried on posting hoping that what the ‘self proclaimed experts’ were telling her was right. It wasn’t it was total business bullshit that was destroying her salon.

Let me get this out of the way. Stop allowing amateurs to advice and tell you what works in your business. I have been working with real businesses including my own since 1985 and I can share with you I have seen many an expert still get paid as he or she watches the business they advice to slowly crumble under the amateur advice. I have also seen business fold under bad advice. You’ve been warned.

So here is what we did.

One word – EVERYTHING – we could.

Here is what I believe. If you are drowning you do everything you can to stay alive. You grab everything and refuse no help. It is an extreme moment and a moment that has to be grabbed by both hands and feet where possible. No exaggeration this is survival.

So for me … we use everything to reduce the risk of trying things that might or might not happen or work.

Here is how the world of most marketing and ad agencies works. They pull out a top-drawer plan they use for everyone. Like a blueprint. They then start the long drawn out process of putting your plan together by pretending it is bespoke for you when in reality it’s the same as what everyone gets apart from the new logo they insist on. The even bigger problem is it can take a minimum of 3-months to get anything moving.

This salon was hanging on the edge of a cliff by its fingertips, it was trying desperately you keep its head above water… months was out of the question, this had to be in days and weeks



And as you can see the results don’t need a lot of explaining they are exactly what they are.

A new salon, two 10-year-old salons and a 36-year-old salon that felt the energy surge during working with me during my super extreme salon mentor.

But… It has to be said (in case you ask)… I never commit to doing anything specific on your salon ‘like this or that’. I just commit to making sure you see the changes we agree to see at the start of my EXTREME SALON MENTORING with you.

What you need to make sure is this… once you start SALON MENTOR EXTREME you are absolutely committed to listen close to me and do exactly as I tell you. If you don’t or can’t do that don’t waste your money and my time.

If you can do that not only are you committed to the change but I will be so committed that during the period we work together you will feel like I am a partner in your salon. And yes … I take it that seriously.


I will be committed to setting an outcome over the period we work together and then use everything and anything within my grasp to make sure we hit that target we have already agreed.

What I offer is a mind my clients have used words like BRILLIANT, GENIUS, INSANE, eccentric and KICK-ASS. What I also offer you is over three decades of working with salons (including my own), over 400 industries outside the industry and a mind that has delivered well over one hundred million in new sales over the past couple of decades.


In other words… a ton of hair salon building ideas that come from not just the hair industry but from other industries where I’ve had prolific results.

If you want to see more of that check out my 20-year old site at

Never once in all the years I’ve been mentoring clients like you has it COST my clients a single penny… not once.

How is that possible?

Look at this real example and pretty common example.

Salon A invested … £10,000 into getting new results and breaking into a new levels with myself.


  • They increased their weekly turnover by a massive £5,800 (actual number)
  • Over one year that is £290,000 increase for that salon owner (HUGE INCREASE).

So they invested £10,000 and got an increase of £290,000 over a 12 month period.



By doing extreme powerful and tested business practice that I have used time and time again in businesses just like yours.

This pattern has been repeated time and time again with my clients over the years.

So … do what I tell you and the results are can feel and look EXTREME

  • If I tell you that management is your issue, you must do as I tell you so we fix it
  • If endless postponing on social media is an issue, you must do as I. Tell you and we’ll fix it
  • If staff are your issue you must do as I tell you and we will fix it
  • If your lack of marketing (properly) is an issue you must do as I tell you and we’ll fix it

Because when I identify your blocks to growing your salon and you don’t work with me to fix those blocks nothing will happen. If you listen closely to me and do exactly as I tell you… everything we plan for, aim for and then precisely target will happen.

And I can tell you this for a certainty, you will be happier in your salon than you’ve ever been.

Three-Decades of Proven Experience

 In fact, anything to do with your hairdressing salon I guarantee my three decades of experience can and will find that issue fast and fix it.


By the way… don’t think you know what the problem in your salon is because in my experience salon owners think they know what the problem is but it’s rarely what they think. And if you knew – you would have fixed it! I will find it and I will fix it as I have done in 99.9% of businesses I’ve worked with, educated, and Mentored over the past decades.


Now maybe after all the proof and rambling about you’re still not convinced or you might feel you will wait another year and then try again to fix things yourself.


That’s just crazy why would you do that? Maybe it’s the genuine fear of hiring something and someone very different with a differing and distinct approach that breaks the boundaries and that makes you feel fear and uncertainty?

Well, you’ve seen just a snippet of my proof above and if that isn’t proof enough nothing will ever convince you. If that’s the case I wish you all the very best.

But if you want to do something exciting, inspiring, tested, proven and energised and finally see the goals you want finally achieve in your salon I am more than ready to help you every step of the way. And I absolutely promise and guarantee by the end of my SALON MENTOR EXTREME process you will be so happy you’ll probably want to send me a gift that you know I’ll love just to say thank you.

Are you ready

… to get started on SALON MENTOR EXTREME and change your salon?

Ok, here’s what you should know and must confirm you agree with.

  • First, I don’t and cannot mentor everyone that asks me. After we talk, if I think and feel I can’t hit the goals we talk over I won’t take you as a client (unrealistic goals like you currently take £1,800 a week and want to increase it to £25,000 per week in a few weeks – totally unrealistic).
  • Second, if I do mentor you and your salon, you must be 100% committed to doing exactly as I tell you otherwise we won’t get the results we want.
  • Third, you must be committed to being open, honest and have the ability to give me everything I ask for as far as your salon information goes.
  • Fourth, you know the investment is from £9,995 for a 90 transformation period. This can vary (according to the size of your salon group) I do not offer a refund of any sort. Once we are committed we will make this happen)
  • Fifth, you must promise to send me records of your salons computing records every day and every weekend. I won’t just log in and search for them you must send them daily.
  • And finally, you understand that if I have to push you. Hassle you. Harass you call you every hour, email you, WhatsApp you to make sure you’re doing what I need you to do … you will put up with that and accept that never complain about that.

There is more but we will leave that for an actual conversation.

Are you ready to do something very different, something proven, something powerful that can have the force strong enough to change everything in your salon or do you want some more stories and proofs?

You Are Different

All salons are different, all have different needs but all have experienced some pretty mouth-watering results, to say the least!


  • One salon I am working with right now had their turnover goal set to £7,500. They smashed it and have just hit £9,000
  • Another salon I am working with right were taking an average £2,200 per week. Now they are hitting over £5,000 every week.
  • A large salon group I am working with now have all the tools in place to create a huge surge in new clients and turnover
  • One more salon I worked with went from almost closed down to hitting around £10,000 every week.

So here are some results. They should come with a warning because you will probably find most unreal. They are all verifiable and supported by my SALON MENTOR EXTREME salon owners.

  • Salon average bills UP by 252.6% (one average went from £23 to £170)
  • Colour going from 2% to 68% ( one salon went from 3 colours per week to 24 colours)
  • Salon turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days (without a single new client)
  • Staffing issues solved in under 5-days (using a proven fix for staffing issues)
  • Sales of Olaplex and Balayage from UP A MASSIVE 2750% (sales of Olaplex went from 1 per week to 23 per week in one salon)
  • Graduates increasing their columns by 101.3% (without any kind of promotions)
  • Stylist increasing their turnover by 465.21% (all without the web, social media and new clients)
  • New clients UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3% (one mentor salon went from 3 new clients per week to 64 new clients)

And that is a tiny view of what has been going on with my SALON MENTOR EXTREME guys. It’s totally INSANE, to say the least!




Here’s one thing a lot of salon or marketing experts understand online. Being online is about two things. First is traffic or visitors and the other is conversion. For every salon online in most cases you need around 100 visitors at least. To drive 100 visitors to a website or Facebook page has never been more difficult. Some pages are getting literally a handful of visitors weekly. This will mean a dramatically reduced amount of clients if this is where a salon focuses due to the low conversion ratio.


  • Likes aren’t cash at the desk.
  • Shares aren’t cash at the desk.
  • Views aren’t cash at the desk.

And posting content unless it’s seen, read, targeted and studied will do nothing apart from devour your time and efforts and of course money. This will kill your salon.

To start with for this salon we spoke to people, sent letters to people, created simple visibility flyers, stood outside her salon, stood outside her local coffee shops, created small ventures with other business and had as many daily conversations with as many people as possible.

A sample program was created and supported with a referral program. The sample program never meant free as the upselling for other services had been trained practiced and relentlessly pursued. After one week of doing this the salon takings had gone from £950 to £2,300. Let me stay this once more.

IN A SINGLE WEEK from £950 to £2,300 in real money taken at the desk …

… and put into the bank and all with NO social media or online efforts.

EXTREME to say the least! She called me in tears of happiness. I had tears for her. What a truly exciting moment. This salon was now not only about to survive but also about to stabilize, thrive and grow and it did even as I write this salon is killing it with takings of over £10,000 every week at our last conversation.



  • We had to stop everything that was being done in the salon to supposedly build the business.
  • We had to rethink the whole process.
  • We had to STOP the endless addiction to posting on social media the same as what every other salon was posting.
  • We had to get creative and create a new approach locally.
  • We had to let the whole population know we are there and know we are the best at what we are doing.
  • We had to change our own habits, which isn’t easy but was done for the sake of survival.
  • We had to change the way staff were working and reacting to clients.
  • We had to make sure everyone understood the purpose of sampling and a referral program.
  • We had to have a strong vision and self-belief that everything was going to be fine but we had to work really fast to make sure this salon survived.

And of course after the salon was back on track they continued their social media using a new approach that increased their fan base and customers dramatically.

The change was dramatic. The change was extreme. The effort not only saved her business but also saved jobs and serviced the city with amazing hairdressing.




The Following HAS BEEN FIXED In Salons Just Like Yours …


  • Salon Clients Up 85.2%
  • Salon Averages Up: 586.3%
  • Clients Having Colour Up: 700%
  • Turnover Up: 177.2%
  • Turnover Uo: 223.7%
  • Team Issues Fixed
  • Staffing Problems Solved
  • Stylists Recruitment Solved
  • Company Issues Fixed (some successful increases as high as 19%)
  • Price Structured Fixed
  • Creating Advertising That Actually Attracts New Clients
  • Creating New Irresistible Offers For Clients
  • Installing New Specialists High Demand, High Priced Hairdressing services
  • Done – Fast-Transitioning Graduates By 12-Months Safely
  • Done – Redesigning Interviewing For New Stylists
  • Done – Building New Teams From Ground-Up
  • SAVED: Turning Around a Salon in 23-Days
  • Salon Management Structures In Place
  • Total Rebranding of Salon Perception, Look and Feel
  • Fixed: New Systems For Marketing
  • Fixed: Proven Ways To Build Columns Before Stylist Start
  • Fixed: Proven Ways To Create a Happy Team Installed
  • Fixed: The Perfect Ways to Keep Stylists
  • Fixed: Proven and Tested Ways To Set Your team On-Fire
  • In Progress: Giving A Tired Salon a Facelift
  • Understanding What a Client Thinks Sells More
  • Understanding What a Hairdresser Thinks Sells More
  • Fixed: Overcoming Price Obstacles
  • Fixed: How To Safely Increase Prices
  • Fixed: How to Pay staff the Right Amount
  • Fixed: How To structure Commissions
  • Fixed: How To Sell Tons Of Olaplex
  • Fixed: How To send Balayage Sales Through The Roof
  • Fixed: How to Create Perfect Offers Without Being a Discount Salon
  • Done: The Best Way To Use Email
  • Done: The Best Way To Use SMS for marketing
  • Fixed: The Perfect Consultation!
  • Done: Why Clients Want To Spend In Your Salon

And so much more it’s hard to write everything down here but know this.

Whatever Issues You Are faced With Right Now In Your Salon Can Be Fixed …

… Using Proven, Tested and Reliable, Risk-Free Tactics

But also know this … The BIGGEST THREAT To Your Hairdressing Salon Business Today is …

1. Doing nothing … creates – NO-THING!

2. MIS-INFORMATION is INFO That Just Loses You Even More Money

Today, there is far too much ‘NEW expertise’ and confusion over what makes a salon business work really well. There are too many ‘NEW’ experts with no real salon or business expertise. There are too many Apps, systems and touch this and that – that frankly just confuse salon owners.

Social media, salon systems, iPads, Paypal, Google Accounts, amazing websites, email systems and every bell and whistle you can think of but the problem YOU FACE is confusion.

I speak to salon owners like you on a regular basis.

You will be like them – tuned in and have everything but you will also have the same issues and it is this.


  • Is sending a letter in the post no longer working?
  • Should I use just email?
  • Are vouchers just yesterdays thing?
  • Is text the best thing for me to use?
  • What the hell do I do with this computer system?
  • Will an App get my salon busy?
  • Do I need to be on page one of Google?
  • Should I advertise in a newspaper?
  • Can I do everything on my iPad?
  • What’s the point of a receptionist?
  • Surely being a good hairdresser is enough?
  • Why should I do marketing I am a hairdresser?
  • They say this and others say that … what really works?
  • Should I drop my prices?
  • Should I raise my prices?
  • Does discounting work?
  • How do I get faces away from their phones and looking at my salon Adverts?
  • Can I get off the salon floor?

SEE? Confusion and struggle but actually … YOUR SALON CAN BE AMAZING.

Your salon can be NUMBER ONE!

Imagine if you began working with an expert with over three decades of business experience has owned three-salons and has worked inside the industry since 1982?

Let me say that again…

WHAT IF: You have a REAL SALON BUSINESS EXPERT that has been in the industry since 1982 helping you?

WHAT IF: you have a REAL SALON EXTREME RESULTS EXPERT that has built a multi-million-pound salon from scratch despite the competition?

WHAT IF: You have a REAL SALON MARKETING EXPERT that has worked in over 400 different industries apart from hairdressing as a business expert a highly-regarded consultant, advisor and a trusted partner since the mid-nineties?

WHAT IF: You has someone with all of that SALON EXPERIENCE take you by the hand and guide you into BIGGER, BETTER And STRONGER salon business?

WHAT IF: That same expert will take your creative personality, your uniquely individual salon and create a MASTER BLUEPRINT designed just for YOUR SALON ONLY?

And eventually WHAT IF – Not only you manage to COME OFF THE SHOP FLOOR but take your salon from a hairdressing salon and transform into a REAL BUSINESS that delivers truly EXTREME results? SALON MENTOR EXTREME CHANGES EVERYTHING.




It is a 12-week motivational, practical, inspiring consultancy and advisory program with upgrade options.

First, you must agree to the following…

Everything I do with you is based on the result and outcome you
come to me for. Ultimately, I have you in mind and your agreed bigger outcome. I
might say one thing and then change that to another. This will be based on
results at all times. If it isn’t working … it isn’t working so I will insist
we change things.

My loose “terms’ below are based on historical success and
very recent success with my clients. For you to get the best result you must
read and re-read this agreement. This is our foundation stone for working

There are a few guidelines, rules (hate them) and home
truths worth saying. With my experience, these are and should be treated
absolutes and must be adhered to for us both to get the results we want. Please
read them carefully and take them seriously.


  1. TRUST: You must have trust in this mentor/mentee relationship. If you feel any doubt you must say. Trust is a powerful emotion that can erode what we are doing together. I trust you to do your best.
  2. OPEN MINDED: Everything I have done in my life has been based on the ability to change through being open minded. You must stay open-minded during this process.
  3. FLEXIBLE: this is always a key to success, you must try and not go back to inflexible ways that didn’t previously serve you.
  4. CHANGE: Everything in life changes. If we need to make changes you should be open to that change.
  5. BESPOKE: Know this mentoring is bespoke to you and your business; Yes, I have tested tools in my box I will use and try for you but this is not a top-drawer mentoring. I am building our experience around your needs not my convenience.
  6. FEAR: Remove all fear of your investment. If you have a fear around what you are investing you should not have invested. A climber never cries about his investment he simply sees the summit. You should focus your energy on the desired outcome not your investment.
  7. TIME: Fixed period that ends. Do as I tell you, this period always flies past. Once it ends to continue means you pay more.
  8. APPOINTMENTS: Appointments for conversation. I value my time given to me whilst on this Earth. If you miss an appointment that time won’t be given again. If you are more than 15-minutes late for a call I will not be on that call. You must take this time and respect my time very seriously. Please take all arranged calls as serious as a weekly doctor’s appointment.
  9. RESPECT: This is a mutually respected agreement. I will treat you like a close friend and would expect openness from you. If you try and treat me like an employee our contract will be terminated. We must treat each other as we want to be treated.
  10. ACCESS: Access and availability: You can message me three times per day. If I am free there and then I will reply. If not I will reply as soon as I am free. You can call me if it is an emergency but please keep making the time count. Usually, ten minutes is enough unless we need a long call for a serious reason.
  11. WEEKEND CALLS: I no longer take calls over the weekend but you may still call if it is an absolute emergency.
  12. PAYMENTS: if you are on a staged payment your payment must be paid on time. When it isn’t paid on time the mentoring stops and will not continue until the payment is made. There is no credit and no delay in payments.
  13. LAZINESS: I do not deal well with a mentee that doesn’t do as we agree or talk about. If you fail consistently to do what you are to do I reserve the right to terminate our mentor agreement together
  14. GUARANTEE: there are no guarantees in life we both know that. I guarantee this. You will get 100% of my attention, expertise, skillset, tools and mind working hard to give you exactly what you need. I do not offer any kind of cash back guarantee. Not in this life or the next.

I worked hard for over three decades to gather what I know. I love to and can’t wait to share those things with you. Please let’s show mutual respect and work well together. Please respect my time at all times and I will look after you in every way I can.

We speak, we set higher than average goals and targets, we create the simplest fastest most effective route to hitting those targets and then we use ONLY proven and measurable systems and tools to make sure you hit them.

I will call you daily, text you daily, email you daily, WhatsApp you daily and use whatever it takes to make sure you are doing exactly what it is you need to be doing so we hit the goals.


Above on this page, there is a lot of talk about MONEY and how salons increase theirs. The truth is MENTOR EXTREME isn’t always about just the money. Your salon might have huge problems and money might not be one of them. You might simply need help with …


  • Staffing systems and issues
  • Management problems and systems
  • The positioning of your salon and marketing issues
  • Getting your salon to the next level but you need help

SALON MENTOR EXTREME isn’t just about money it is about building your salon into a real business. It is worth noting ALL of my salons increase their takings. Most do it at different pace. The numbers above may or may not reflect in your salon.

So once more: Once you get started with my SALON MENTOR EXTREME you have access to my huge expertise for 12-weeks, or 84 days or 2016 hours and that is 7-days a week.

And if you want me to visit your salon that can be arranged with a simple upgrade price at the end of this page. NOTE: Most salons I don’t have to visit. A video walk-through and regular Skype calls also work just fine.

SALON MENTOR EXTREME Is A Very Safe Investment

First, let’s look at some really simple numbers to increase your salon income.

Let’s say you want to take an extra £20K in the next 90-days.

Let’s also assume your average hair bill is £45, And with an upsell, the bill can be the average of £100.

And for the sake of example assume you are a team of 4 including a junior.

With just TWO extra clients a day (and it is very easy and possible), that’s one in the morning, one in the afternoon that’s 6 new clients between your 3 stylists a day or £270.

If you have a plan and focus on sustaining extra 2 clients a day 5 times a week that’s £270 x 5 = £1350 extra in a week!

That’s £5400 extra takings in a month and 120 extra clients!

Over 90 days (3 months) your new income can rise by £16,200 cutting hair (£5400 x 3).

Now, look what happens if you upsell.

Will you learn and understand the specifics of POWERFUL upselling 15% of those extra clients? Colour upsell can be as high as 30% to 70% in some salons.

That’s 18 clients paying £100 or an extra £1800 a month


Over 90 days (3 months) your new income can rise by £16,200 cutting hair (£5400 x 3), plus an upsell of £5400 (£1800 x 3)

Total of extra £21,600 in the next 90-days!


Over 12-months your salon income could very easily rise by £86,400 (£21,600 x 4)

The above are averages. The above can vary in all salons – in your salon. The above is based on REAL NUMBERS and average results. The results can and do vary from salon to salon.

So of course, numbers above are for illustration purposes and they can be as high or low as you need them to be but SALON MENTOR EXTREME program will make sure we get your numbers right from our first meetings.

THE OUTRAGEOUS SALON REALITY IS THIS – That by NOT managing and building your hairdressing salon EFFECTIVELY you are likely to be missing out on a MASSIVE £115,871 in sales?

Yes, that is the average sales LOST & MISSED in the average salon that does not have POWERFUL AND TESTED salon marketing systems in place. SALON MENTOR fixes all of that.

Let me illustrate

Salon clients naturally drop by 11-13% every year.

That is if you have 500 clients, every year you’d be losing around 55 of them! If your average bill is… £45, that means you’d be taking a £2,475 cut every year, and if you did nothing about it, in 3 years time you’d be £7,425 worth off!

A SHOCKING FACT that is hard to read!

If you are not engaged and connected to your clients DAILY not only they forget about your salon, they will go to your competitors.

Active salon marketing has some surprising numbers that can not be ignored…

FACT: for every 100 new visitors to your salon’s social media profile, or salon website you should be acquiring one new paying client. That means if every month you get 1000 new visitors you should be 10 new clients better off.

Taking numbers from above, if your average bill is £45, that is £450 more money in the till in a month – Over 12 months that is £5400 better off! In other words, if you do not get new clients you are missing off another £5400 every year!

When was the last time you checked how many people visited your salon website?

In a nutshell, if people do not see your salon through the Internet that’s the numbers you are missing out on.

What about marketing to existing salon clients?

Upsells? Missing salon clients and salon retail sales? If you don’t do something, slowly the numbers will start to fall back. For example, did you know that over 65% of your missing clients will come back to you?

So, if you have every year 55 clients that gone missing (assuming usual 11% of a drop-out rate) and you have not chased missed clients for the past 3 years that is 165 missing clients. If you recover at a proven to be able to recover rate of 65% – that is 107clients or £4,826 extra cash in the till!

Same goes for the missed opportunity of increasing the frequency of visits and upsells in between! If you have a client that visits your salon 6x a year, can you increase by just 8 times a year? Just 2 extra visit! That does not sound like a lot, but it is an extra £90 per client every year. If you increased the frequency of just 10% of your salon clients, assuming you have 500 clients, that is 50 more visits a year, or extra £45*50 = £2,250!

If you do not manage staff and the reception how can you measure the cost of cancelled appointments?

Time is one thing you can no resell! So if you have stylists that are happy to cancel or book empty clients (that happens right?) every day and twice a day, that is £90 of missed sales every day (again, assuming average bill is £45)!

That’s a massive £540 a week, and a HUGE £2,160 a month! or £25,920of missed salon sales every year!

What about running an ad? Whether you choose to run in the magazine or on social media, running ads cost money but they bring money. One salon ad Alan was running in his salons every week in the paper brought estimated £75,000 every year, yet it only cost £50 a week, or just £2400 to run every year!

Finally, let’s sum up your missed cash – taking all above, it’s a massive £115,871 …
… of missed revenue just because you did not take the time to review and do some proven salon marketing!

A lot of cash to miss for any hairdressing salon, whether you have 1, 10 or 100 staffed salons!

Not a good plan!

The good news. You can market your salon and not only recover and generate £115,871 every year, but increase that number.

SALON MENTOR EXTREME Is Focused On You, Your Salon and Real Results (not fads or gimmicks)

Everything I build into YOUR easy-to-follow program is built around YOUR SALON.


WHAT IS Salon Mentor 12-week Training – The Details?




This again can vary so what you read is a rough outline based on averages.

By the end of Salon Mentor 12 weeks, it is our hope you will have not only hit the numbers but you will want to carry on working with me until your bigger picture has been achieved.




…I always focus on making sure you have your investment back before your SALON MENTOR EXTREME ENDS.


One salon mentee recovered their investment in just TWO WEEKS!

If you spend the £9,995 I will maximize what you already have to make sure you recover that investment as fast as possible.

The faster this is done the faster you will get your investment back. The REALITY means your SALON MENTOR can actually be FREE.

I have been doing this a long time now. I have seen success, I have experienced changes and I have seen salon owners absolutely transformed after being mentored into what actually works so as to avoid all the confusion out there today.


  • Whether your hairdressing salon is just you and a junior (that’s how I started)
  • Whether you have 4 stylists and want to get to 8
  • Whether you have 8 and would love to get to 12
  • Whether you have one hair salon and want to avoid the looming but AVOIDABLE issues that can come with a second salon
  • Whether you are part of a salon group and you need reliable sustainable salon growth




One payment starting from £9,995

NOTE: Salons vary of size and complexity. The above are my minimum start price. Price to be quoted AFTER an initial Skype.


Three payments

  1. £5,000 now
  2. £3,000 four weeks after the start
  3. £3,000 eight weeks after the start

IMPORTANT: if you are on a staged payment your payment must be paid on time. When it isn’t paid on time the mentoring stops and will not continue until the payment is made. There is no credit and no delay in payments.

Get in touch right away and let’s get your salon TRANSFORMED, lets turn it into a real business that works like never before so you can have more freedom, less sleepless nights, more cash in the bank, more clients that you can ever handle, a number one salon and a business that you can sell or hand-over to your family in the future.

And of course – let’s get you OFF THE SHOP FLOOR!

Places are always limited so as to keep the MENTORING quality very high.

I would love to help you QUICKLY TRANSFORM YOUR SALON.


I would love to MENTOR you and hold your hand in a very careful but well-planned SALON SUCCESS program designed around you and your salon.

Can you say YES to the following?


  • YES: we deliver great service and strive to be the very best but are stuck
  • YES: we have room to grow and urgently need help
  • YES: we don’t have enough clients
  • YES: I am committed to doing more
  • YES: I am a good listener and will do as I am guided
  • YES: I want my salon to be the very best
  • YES: I am very open to marketing and doing what you tell me
  • YES: I will be respectful during any training and take any constructive advice well
  • YES: I agree to be focused on SALON MENTOR
  • YES: I am honest and will share what you need during SALON MENTOR
  • YES YES YES … I absolutely want and need the change in my salon.

REQUEST A CALLBACK FROM ALAN – where you can ask anything questions you need an answer to. This is a NO-OBLIGATION and absolutely no pressure call.

Once you send your message someone in the office, Tamara, Lily or myself will see it and get right back to you within 30-minutes max.


  • Text: +44 (0)7793069486
  • WhatsApp: +447793069486
  • Facebook: salonpunk
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Salon Mentor Is Just Amazing!


The Salon Punk, Alan Forrest Smith

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