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Alan entered the magical world of hairdressing in 1982. Salon Punk began as and became Salon Punk in 2007. Everything shared on this website is salon tested, salon used, salon proven and is designed and shared to pack out your salon fast! We bring over 32-years of front-line salon industry expertise of running a successful salon business. Our salon marketing manuals and mastermind events have been helping salon owners just like you to grow salon income, maximize revenue and manage your salon. SX-21 our 500-page (and growing) manual is the biggest salon marketing and business manual in the universe!

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Meet a 21-yr old EXTREME stylist taking £1,800 per week

Emily is a 21-year old hairdresser. The problem was when I started working with her and her team was this. She was just a hairdresser. She acted like a hairdresser, worked like a hairdresser and did things like a hairdresser. Now she has completely become extreme. Here’s how. Her column was poor, average and massively…


How this salon broke a 10 year old plateau

From £5,500 to £9,000 Easter time is traditionally slower for most salons. It was traditionally slow even for this salon. We changed everything. The result has been amazing. So … How do you go from £5,500 to pulling in £9,000 (both number rounded up) the weekly amount in a space of just 10-weeks? This was a case…


Marketing Your Salon Using Salon Software Systems

Are you using salon software systems? quickly discover… Why using your salon software for scheduling and tilling is a mistake that is costing you money; Why marketing using salon software means rethinking the salon management; The best and the worst ideas while using salon software systems. Listen to the 10-minute recording before you open your…


“This year we moved to a bigger town so I bought the Xtreme-21 and OMG, everything that Alan said to do I did, now wife only works in salon on Saturdays, we paying  for our house no bothers and I’m actually bored and now thinking I need to move into the supplier and wholesale side of the business because I kind of shy having to be in the salon when everything is on autopilot.”

Shcool of Hairdressing, Ireland (Name protected)

The Worlds Biggest Salon Business Manual

The Salon Extreme-21 EFFECT (SX 21) Can, Has and Does Change Everything In Yours or Any Salon.

Yet thousands of Salons are closing, almost closing or struggling to make ends meet and racing towards shutting their doors for good.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Clients, money and more … You really can have everything you want from your salon and more.

  • Learn How Easy It Is To Pack Out Your Salon In Hours Using A Mobile Phone
  • Discover Systems Designed To Put Your Salon and Keep Your Salon At No.1
  • Avoid Cash Sucking Hope and Pray Marketing That The Industry Wants You To Use (There’s a reason why)
  • Put our Time Tested Strategies To Work For You In Your Salon and Then Watch The Results Pour In
  • Step-By-Step Salon Marketing Anyone Can Do
  • Very Easy To Follow Salon Marketing Systems
  • Copy & Paste Tons of Proven Ideas
  • Everything You Read Is Salon Tested
  • Proven To Deliver up to 400 New Clients* From a Single Strategy
  • Includes Cutting-Edge Online Marketing
  • Skype, Periscope, Selfies, Tagging, Social Media, Facebook, YouTube and more
  • Probably The Greatest Salon Marketing ‘HOW TO’ guide Ever Created!
  • Up to 400 Pages of ‘How To’ Build Your Salon Empire
  • 100% Zero-Risk Guarantee
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