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Sound hard to believe?  Read this lot first.

Why Listen To Salon Punk?

  • I personally owned 3 hugely successful hair and beauty salons over 20 years.
  • I have been involved with the hair and beauty business since 1982
  • I took all of my salons from no-investment start-ups to hugely profitable business all at No.1 positions
  • I have created powerful, easy-to-do marketing for my salons, the biggest salon in London and the biggest Salon In Scotland
  • I have also SAVED salon from closure and create huge successes
  • I have taught salon marketing and marketing as an expert in Russia, Australia, UK and many other countries throughout the globe
  • I have survived and solved virtually everything thrown at me as a hair salon owner
  • I am probably the most ripped-off salon expert in the world today!

I get it, I’ve been there and I understand. So this page is for you the hair and beauty salon owner that is looking for salon marketing solutions that really do work and work fast!


  • OFF-THE-FLOOR Dozens of salon owners able to get off the shop floor and build a real business
  • MORE CLIENTS: 400 plus new clients from a single salon marketing campaign
  • MASSIVE LEAPS: 53.4% increase in salon business in one month
  • HUGE INCREASES: 116% increase in salon business
  • MORE MONEY: £74,000 plus from one salon punk advert example
  • MISSING CLIENTS FOUND: 93% missing clients returned to a salon after being missing for more than a year
  • NEW CLIENTS RATES UP: New client rate as high as 75% Ability to increase your salon prices twice a year
  • PROVEN SALON MARKETING: Salon management and Salon marketing systems in place
  • SALON EXTREME 21: Control your salon the salon extreme 21-way
  • PACKED IN 60 MINUTES: Take your salon from empty to packed in 60 minutes
  • FREE FREE FREE: FREE training, webinars and live Q&A And so much more
  • SALON BUSINESS UP: One salon owner (Rebecca from Bahrain) literally doubled her takings from £4,000 to just over £8,000 in less than 10 weeks.
  • 410 CLIENTS:  A salon owner called me and excitedly reported that he had taken his weekly clients from 230 to 410 per week in just 6 weeks of using Salon Column Builder. They simply applied the tips for measuring, tracking and marketing their salon.
  • 31% COLOR: More Sales. Another salon owner struggling with sales of color emailed me from New York and thank me for helping her to increase salon color sales from 7% to 31% of clients having a color using the consultation tips.
  • QUADRUPLED PROFITS:  A salon owner based in the UK (Jeanette in Liverpool) has been forced into buying the empty shop next door so she can accommodate the new business from Salon Column Builder marketing ideas and street flyers. Doubled her premises. Quadrupled her salon profits!
  • MONEY: More Cash In The Bank. I can tell you this from my private correspondence with salon column builder users. Using my program has literally given hundreds of salon owners cash in the bank of thousands upon thousands of extra profits. Its easy. It works. If it doesn’t for you … ask for your money back.

Hairdressing Salon Marketing Has never Been So Hard Yet Never Been So Easy!


ex21topAlan Here.

I have been in the industry since I was 15-years old. I also had 3 very successful hairdressing salons I built from scratch. I created a salon marketing program so strong that I was able to  charge over 3x what any other salon for miles was charging. It kept us packed to the hilt from morning until night everyday of the week!

I was also one of the first salons in the UK to use a computer for marketing in 1991. I created direct mail letters, newspaper adverts, flyers and all kinds of salon marketing tricks to pack out my 16 staff from morning until night 6 days a week and it worked. I sold my salons in 2003 and since then have traveled the globe helping businesses and salon owners like you.

I think that makes me an expert. Plus since 2003 up until today I have worked with well over 400 different industries helping to create business breakthroughs, new sales, more clients and so much more.

Salon Punk Team Have Over 50 Years Of Marketing Experiences To Share!

The problem you have today is who do you trust – especially online! It seems everyone is an expert these days so for salon owners that aren’t experts that can be a problem.

So just know this …

Everything On Salon Punk Salon Marketing Website Is Salon Tested – Proven – Used In Salons – Used In Businesses and Designed to Support and give Back To Salon Owners Like Yourself!

So everything you read about on SalonPunk has been tested not just in hairdressing salons but also in as many as 400 industries and business.

What you read about has transformed salon business, changed business, put clients through the door, recovered missing clients and packed out salons from morning until night. It all works.

Of course if you order anything and you feel it doesn’t – simply use your 30-day refund!

  • SALON MARKETING SCHOOL is our best selling digital manual. Packed from top-to-bottom with tons of ideas, tips, stories, strategies, tactics and more!
  • SALON EXTREME 21 is our newest, maddest and most loaded manual ever! Over 400 pages designed to sit on your desk, be used every single day and give you incredible results. It’s all as easy as 1,2,3 and can be copied and pasted into your business right now. In one test over 400 new clients came to one salon! In another test one salon  increased their clients by 93% How can any salon afford to be without this manual.
  • FREE TIPS: If you want the best FREE stuff you need to sign up for the SALON PUNK NEWS but if you are happy to browse around help yourself.

So if you are sick of taking risks, reading half-hearted amateurs online that have zero real salon management or salon marketing experience  and you absolutely must have results for your salon, stick around.



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Here’s to your salon success.

Alan and Team Salon Punk

Proven & Tested Salon Marketing and Management Guides For More Clients Fast!

Proven & Tested Salon Marketing and Management Guides For More Clients Fast!
SALON EXTREME 21, The Easiest To Follow, Most Powerful, Results Based Salon Marketing 'HOW TO' Guide Ever Written!”
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