It’s time to get your hairdressing  salon back on track. The pandemic, salon staffing and a cost of living crisis can no longer be an excuse for any hair salon owner. 2023 can be your BEST YEAR EVER. Are you and your hairdressing salon ready?

The past few years for salons has been crazy. It’s time to put all of that behind you. It’s also time to remove yourself from that negative mainstream media conversation. Your hair salon can be as successful as you want it to be. You just have to be ready.

I realised after working with hundreds of hairdressing salons that some salons (most salons) are still running their hair salon businesses like it is the 70s, 80s, 90s but times have changed. They are using hair salon building systems and ideas created by controlling corporations.

These ideas are outdated, they no longer work in hair salons, they don’t build hairdressing salon businesses and they certainly don’t serve you the hair salon owner. Hair Salon marketing as we have been sold for years is dead.

And the past two years the changes have been dramatic. Fewer clients, fewer bookings and loyalty to a hairdresser or stylist?… That’s as good as gone. It’s time to change that same old salon industry and boring “salon expert” conversation and do something totally different with your hairdressing salon.

It’s time to break the salon conventional rules, It’s time to turn your hairdressing salon into a real business, making real money doing real stuff that gives you the life you’ve always wanted.

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Do Not Accept That Being Another Version of Another Hairdressing Salon Is Good Enough – It Isn’t!


Working With Alan:
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Whether you have a new struggling salon that needs to make it happen or an established salon that wants to get to the next level using salon ideas and salon promotions s that really do work I can definitely help you and help you faster than you’ve probably experienced with your salon in the past. My approach is very personal, no juniors experts or ‘new experts’ and absolutely 100% bespoke ideas for you and your salon. When we work together I will treat your salon as if it is my own salon. Every rule you can think about we will break where we have to so we get the results you deserve and I want for you.


Rich, Sage Salon Wickam

SAGE HAIR in Wickham, UK began SALON MENTOR EXTREME Jan 2nd, 2018. Here is what has happened in just 23-days so far.

  • TURNOVER: more than Doubled
  • NEW CLIENTS: up to 30 plus per week
  • COLOUR SALES: Up over 100%
  • AVERAGE BILL: UP from 140%
  • NEW STAFF: found, trained and started
  • SALON MANAGEMENT: Fixed fast using my EXTREME systems
  • BEST WEEKS EVER: despite it being January – their 3-best weeks ever and still increasing every week.
  • NEW BUSINESS STRATEGY: fast, proven, bespoke, effective and working like crazy

Read what the SAGE SALON sent to me after just 3-weeks and 2 days in SALON MENTOR EXTREME 2018 …

Well, what can I say!! We had a salon, a team, a business – Or so we thought! We were taking on average £2-3000 a week, it covered the bills… just! We spent A LOT of nights worrying about how we were going to pay the staff if there was money in the bank to pay the product company…. We didn’t take a wage, we didn’t have any spare cash, we thought we were doing everything like we should but we were still not seeing any increase….until we called Alan.

We spent many more nights wondering whether we should take the risk, it was a lot of money that we certainly didn’t have. We made the jump… and it was honestly THE BEST THING WE HAVE EVER DONE!!!! Alan ripped our business apart and showed us it in a completely different light…. In 4 weeks he has refocused our attention on stabilising and building a BUSINESS.

Alan has almost DOUBLED our turnover in 4 weeks…….at the quietest time of the year!!He has opened our eyes to everything about our business and what we were doing and has flipped it on its head!!


We are 4 weeks in…..we cant for the results after 12. Alan is fantastic, he is supportive, encouraging and he knows what he’s talking about! He is ALWAYS at the end of the phone, he keeps us focused and he gets results…… it ’s just simply amazing!

I can’t wait to write about our journey after the next 4 weeks! WE CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH…….SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!

Rich and Steph, Sage Hair Wickham


Alan is saying and doing the opposite to what the industry experts are telling you.

“Two Salons DOUBLED new clients”

They say there’s no school like the old skool and Alan is definitely the headmaster of the hairdressing industry and since working with Alan even though we were a little shocked at what he was asking us to do however we implement what he asked and are now starting to see results and can see the light at the end of the tunnel with two of our salons doubling their new clients to 17%.”

Simon Hayter, CEO ZigZag Hairdressing Group


“A Kick-Ass Mentor”
We had been on Alan’s email list for a long time and I initially found him through his orange beetle site.
It was the philosopher-poet in him that attracted me to Alan; that and the fact he is a kick-ass mentor.
And when I say he is kick ass, he has definitely kicked ours a couple of times!!
we’re a salon that was doing well but lurching from one crisis to another. We contacted Alan after one particular series of staff crisis as we couldn’t see the wood for the trees and felt that we needed a new direction and help to steer the ship.

Alan came in and immediately saw what need doing and helped us very quickly focus on the important stuff –

  • He got us to immediately concentrate on the numbers, daily/weekly totals, clients and averages
  • He helped us write and set in motion a kick-ass campaign to get new ROCK STAR staff and got us to think about recruitment in a different way – and within two weeks we had 2 new members of staff that are now pulling in over a £1000 a week!!
  • We recruited a kick-ass Receptionist.
  • He helped set in motion, weekly and daily meetings with our team; holding them accountable for their columns
  • We introduced new specialist services
  • Raised prices overnight by 10% with no client losses
  • Created a managers role and filled that the position from within our existing team
  • Started an email campaign with a 71% open rate – unheard of
  • In the beginning, the plan we worked out with Alan was to be doing 10k weeks,  and although we’re not quite there yet, we know that 10k is within touching distance and we’re determined to get there, and soon!

Honestly, Alan has helped us focus and given us belief.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been really hard but rewarding work !! Alan has been there constantly in the background cajoling, demanding, driving and giving us ideas and has been on hand 24hrs a day!

He is true to his word. Honest as hell and a great guy that wants you to succeed at all times. I think any business will benefit from working with Alan.

Izaak Brading & James Langley

Mod Salons, Leeds


“This is Caroline Sanderson. I’m a SALON MENTOR student of Alan’s.

I took the plunge and entered SALON MENTOR with Alan.

I had to fight back the ‘I cant afford it demons’ and go for it because I knew if I wanted really fast track change with my hair salon I needed to invest and spend time with someone who had been there done it.

I can hardly believe THE CHANGE in not only my business but in ME.

Alan’s strategies and advice with guidance took my business to a 53.4% rise in one month, 116% rise in one year. It would have been more but I had to make HUGE decisions along the way to create the hairdressing salon of my dreams which meant having the confidence to make changes and get the people out who I knew deep down were not right for me and my business in the long term.

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to make these changes without Alan’s support. ‘GO FOR IT. (if ever)

With Alan’s support, I made the changes and STILL made the 116% growth. I have taken what Alan has taught me with my own skills and knowledge and have not only taken my business to near full capacity but he have given me a better understanding of business and I am just about to launch 2 big projects out with the salon.

I now have the confidence and knowledge to push my career forward and create the work life I want… He has GENIUS IDEAS that were so inspiring I didn’t take much time to get excited and start putting them into action.

Anyone thinking of working with Alan I would say go for it. There’s absolutely no question – It will change your life like it did mine.

Here is how my salon business and life look AFTER SALON MENTOR.

  • I have 12-weeks Holiday Each Year
  • I work ONE Day a Week On The Salon Floor
  • Bought a new Car
  • New Client Rate Up To 32%
  • Rebooking from 15% to 180%
  • New Staff Applications Through The Roof
  • From Salon Zero To Number One in my City
  • Marketing Budget Reduced To Almost Zero
  • Ability To Fill My Salon in Less Than An Hour
  • Number one Facebook Salon in my city
  • Mastered Facebook for Client Management
  • New Website On Page One of Google
  • Existing Stylists All Packed Out Every day
  • Salon Services UP 105%
  • Retail Sales UP 72%

And More?

Thanks, Alan!

Ready To Transform Your Salon Business With Alan?



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