A Guide To THE SALON PUNK Services and Prices

Services and Pricing.

As you read through this page ask yourself this. Do I have an issue or issues in my salons that I just cannot fix?

If you replied YES here is the second question, how long will you put up with that especially when you know it can be fixed and fixed fast by a real salon business expert?

99% of salon problems with anything from management to marketing, to staff to reception from retail to colour sales and more – I can and do fix these issues.

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Salon Breakthrough Call £495

If you have a problem in your salon that you just can’t fix a breakthrough call is perfect for you.

On average, they run anything from 30-90 minutes. I will be able to identify your issue in minutes and offers a solution before your call ends.

Example: I recently ended a staff issue that had been going on for years in one salon. Today they no longer have that staffing issue and it has saved them an endless hiring and firing process they have been doing for years.

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Face-To-Face Salon Mastermind Meeting £2,495 Half Day – £4,495 Full Day

Perfect if you need to raise your game, create planning, need fresh ideas, have ongoing issues that can’t be fixed or simply want outside advice that has over three decades of experience.

Example: I went to one salon for a mastermind meeting. One problem they had was the street was busy but no one walked into their salon. Their salon had been like this for years. I saw the problem and solved that problem using a simple 3-step system that works and has given their salon literally tons of walks in every day.

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SALON MENTOR EXTREME£9,995 12-Week Period

(Salon Group and Chains To Be Quoted)

This is my INSANE and bespoke rapid-fire program over 12-weeks and by far the best value. Perfect for ANY SALON at ANY LEVEL. Any issue your salon has will be fixed.

Example: I salon I worked with felt they had a problem with pricing. They didn’t want to raise the prices and had started discounting. I raised their average by 15% and most other services by 50%. It sounds terrifying but the result was as I predicted. NO client loss and a huge increase in turnover.
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System Building From £2,495

Most prices to be quoted.

This is a bespoke and unique system created for your salon based on what your problem is and your potential results using proven strategies.

Example: I created a powerful system supported by video training for a salon group called PIONEER. This took twenty young graduates and showed them how to build their columns in a matter of weeks.

At least 3 of them went from an unknown in their salons to ending up in the whole of the salon group to their top FIVE earners. This was over a six-week period.

Their takings went from as good as nothing to as high as £1,400 each per week. I can create systems for you in your salon from training graduates to extreme management systems.

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Book shop from as low as £1 to £245

All of our books are written to help you, inspire you, give you ideas on how to build your business. Our best-seller for the past 2-years has been SX-21 the ultimate salon business and salon building manual. That can be found here

Our second best-seller is the hugely successful THE SALON PUNK paperback. That can be found here.

Is THE SALON PUNK Expertise Worth The Money?

  • Salon turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days
  • Salon average bills UP by 586.3%
  • Colour up over 700%
  • Stylist recruitment, management and columns issues solved in under 5-days
  • New salon bursting with clients from opening day
  • Sales of Olaplex and Balayage from UP A MASSIVE 2750%
  • Graduates increasing their columns by 101.3% (one new graduate now takes over £1,700 per week)
  • Stylist increasing their turnover by 465.21%
  • New clients UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3%

Really, is that a real question?

I can’t wait to help you transform your salon.

Alan, The Salon Punk.