The Unsurpassed Result Delivering Hair Salon Business Consultant.

“INSANE”. A 223.7% Increase in 23-days Created Their Extreme Reaction. My Super-Premium (& outrageous) Results Are Reflected in My Value Exchange Fees On This Page.

  • NEW SALON: Innovated salon businesses back to life
  • BIG IDEAS: Reconfigured salon board room mindsets
  • LONGTERM VISION: Installed far-sighted future thinking into hairdressing salons
  • FIXED PROBLEMS: Been a master problem solver to the big and small-sized salons
  • MILLIONS: Used my thinking to help a new business sell for over five million in just 3-years
  • NEW TEAM SYSTEM: Rebuild in-house teams for bigger results
  • MORE SALES: Motivated, informed and inspired a small team into over £700,000 in new sales

IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE SALON PUNK: None of my pricing is based on ‘so-called’ hairdressing industry competition because at this time of writing there is NO competition for what I offer. My three decades of superior breakthrough experiences in the salon industry, my global consulting experience and my record-breaking salon extreme mentoring and results is proof of that. If you are looking for a salon cheap expert – (and there are literally thousands of wanna-be’s online now) – I am NOT your guy. I only consider serious salon owners that have finally awoken to the reality that most of what the industry teaches really doesn’t work and finally, finally, finally wants to make the break and the change for real success.

Show me ANY consultant that has increased any business by …

  • Salon turnover up 223.7% in just 23-days
  • Transformed a bad idea into a £300k per month idea
  • Transformed staffing systems in under two weeks!
  • Fixed failed website strategies into high sales in weeks
  • Generated a new lead conversion program from one lead a day to 17-PER HOUR!
  • Slashed costs by £4,900 per mailing campaign in minutes
  • Took a simple idea and created a $12Million dollar business
  • Rebuilt sales teams, reduced staffing and increased performance after one meeting

And that above is just to start with. I can identify any company, staffing, sales problem within the first 30-minutes of sitting in your office – WITHOUT FAIL! I’ve been building businesses, increasing response, finding big ideas, creating spectacular results and offering Premium, personal, Mentoring. for over three decades.

These days … everyone that is a decent self-promoter can claim to be the most amazing consultant. I see these guys all the time. Small fee, small results. Most less than average. The world is awash with “‘new consultants’. I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.

But when super consultant increases your results, performance and immeasurable happiness by incredible (actually unbelievable) amounts can a price really be put on the fee?

I believe in the exchange of massive value. I will give you what you need in exchange for what we agree. It’s really simple. If I help you to generate over £7,000,000 (million) the value exchange has to reflect on how you value my work for you. (by the way that was a real number for a real client)

It is almost fashionable and acceptable to hire based on fees yet in my world, the only reason to hire must be the reason of having a more farsighted vision and building the plans and bigger picture around results, not services.

What is a fee of even £100,000 if the increase in business goes well into the millions?

And to be honest … I suppose when you’ve had the client success I have had over three decades plus and they call you ‘genius’ and god knows what else, I can stake some kind of claim.

I only offer preeminent consulting based on my history of huge value exchange…

Supercharged-advice results-driven mentoring, calculated guidance and speak to help businesses like yours create new ideas that are built around human behaviour and of course – your results!

My first entry into ‘real’ business was as far back as 1985. That grew from nothing into three start-ups to No.1 hairdressing salons.

They were so successful, so busy and so different it had industry professional after industry professional asking me how I was doing it?

This led to me being asked to speak and share my skills with many others in the salon business. To be truthful, I never felt I was doing anything magical. All I knew is I had a large family to support and I wanted the success I felt I was working hard for.

Then other local business started to notice my relentless marketing through newspapers, radio, direct mail and literally dozens upon dozens of random and carefully planned ideas.

Local businesses were seeing this and they started to ask me to help them. That was a big life change for me. I had now gone from being ‘Alan the hairdresser’ to a serious business consultant that was literally changing the results for many, many businesses.

This led to me getting many invites to speak and share my skills. This took me to many a far place like New Zealand, Australia, USA, Asia and very recently a talk to one of Georgia’s largest corporations in Tbilisi. That talk was said by the organisation to be a mind-set-changer for their team. The talk was named … The Future, The Attraction and The Risk.

If I had to guess, I would guess I have worked with well over 400 industries (and more). Some of those being huge corporations where I have been asked to take a lead in stale, stagnant and stuck board meetings to deliver a new, fresh, exciting idea that is in harmony with human behavioural changes. I have also been asked to help, guide and mentor small start-ups and helping those guys get everything right from the start and avoid the pitfalls that are common.

Today, I am a published author of many books and work with just one or two clients at a time as I have at least half a dozen of my own businesses I work on.

Here is just a tiny snippet of what I have done over the past 34-years (salons and many other business types).

  • Innovated salon businesses back to life
  • Reconfigured salon board room mindsets
  • Installed far-sighted future thinking into hairdressing salons
  • Been a master problem solver to the big and small-sized salons
  • Used my thinking to help a new business sell for over five million in just 3-years
  • Rebuild in-house teams for bigger results
  • Motivated, informed and inspired a small team into over £700,000 in new sales
  • Multi-Million Pound Results Campaigns Writing Direct Mail
  • Mentored and Polished Multinationals In-House Marketing Experts
  • Turnaround Failing businesses In Just 23-Days
  • Uncovered Thousands in Hidden Profits Using Just Words
  • Been Flown To The Other Side Of The World To Mentor Clients In Response
  • Helped Clients Response Rates Climb As High as 63% (and £7 million in sales)
  • Slashed Campaign Costs By Hundreds of Thousands
  • Trained Writers To Write Their First Million Pound Campaign
  • Written 19 Books (see amazon or
  • Lectured As Far Away As New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and as Close As Manchester
  • In 2018 I helped just three clients generate an extra £1.1 million in sales.


Well, what can I say!! We had a salon, a team, a business – Or so we thought!! We were taking on average £2-3000 a week, it covered the bills… just! We spent A LOT of nights worrying about how we were going to pay the staff if there was money in the bank to pay for the product company…. We didn’t take a wage, we didn’t have any spare cash, we thought we were doing everything as we should but we were still not seeing any increase…. until we called Alan.

We spent many more nights wondering whether we should take the risk, it was a lot of money that we certainly didn’t have.We made the jump… and it was honestly THE BEST THING WE HAVE EVER DONE!!!!

Alan ripped our business apart and showed us it in a completely different light….

In 4 weeks, he has refocused our attention on stabilising and building a BUSINESS. He has almost DOUBLED our turnover in 4 weeks…….at the quietest time of the year!! He has opened our eyes to everything about our business and what we were doing and has flipped it on its head!!

It’s INTENSE, ITS HARD WORK AND ITS EXTREME!! But we are ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT!! The results are UNREAL….We are 4 weeks in…we can’t for the results after 12.

Alan is fantastic, he is supportive, encouraging and he knows what he’s talking about! He is ALWAYS at the end of the phone, he keeps us focused and he gets results…… it’s just simply amazing! I can’t wait to write about our journey after the next 4 weeks!


Rich and Steph, Sage Hair Wickham

And So Much More

So Here’s A Rough Guide To My Superior & Preeminent Salon Services & Fees. All My Fees Are Bespoke To Your Needs, Results and Business Model.

As you read through this page ask yourself this. Do I have an issue or issues in my business that I just cannot fix and that issue is costing or losing your business money?

If you replied YES here is the second question, how long will you put up with that especially when you know it can be fixed and fixed fast by a highly experienced expert at fixing results?

99% of business problems with anything from management to marketing, systems, online conversions, offline conversions, client mindsets and targeting and more – I can and do fix these issues.

  • A 223.7% increase for one client in just 23-days says I can.
  • A 47% response direct mail campaign says I can.
  • A huge increase from 1-17 leads per hours says I can.
  • A £300k+ increase in sales per month says I can.

I can help you fix your problem and usually pretty fast.

My results are so spectacular they also reflect in my fees which are a perfectly balanced value exchange.

Powerful Salon EXTREME Speaker

Would you like a highly motivating, captivating, different speaker to bring your salon team back to life and leave them so inspired they will feel the motivation to double their column turnover? Read more on this page.

Supreme Consultancy Services and Pricing

As you read through this page ask yourself this. Do I have an issue or issues in my hair salons that I just cannot fix? Things like salon management, on-going staff, average bills, salon turnover and more?

If you replied YES here is the second question, how long will you put up with that in your hairdressing salon especially when you know it can be fixed and fixed fast by a real extreme, proven, established and seasoned salon business expert?

99% of hair salon problems with anything from salon management to salon marketing, to staff to reception from retail to colour sales and more – I can and do fix these issues all the time.

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Salon Breakthrough Call £995

If you have an on-going problem in your hairdressing salon that you just can’t fix a salon breakthrough call is perfect for you.

On average, the calls run anything from 30-60 minutes. I will be able to identify your salon or business issue in minutes and offer a solution before your call ends.

Example: I recently ended a staff issue that had been going on for over 10-years in one salon. Today they no longer have that salon staffing issue and it has saved them an endless hiring and firing process they have been doing for years.

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Face-To-Face Hair Salon Mastermind Meeting £4,495 Half Day – £8,495 Full Day

Perfect if you need to raise your salon game, create salon planning, need strong ideas, have ongoing issues in your salon that can’t be fixed or simply want outside advice that has over three decades of the salon and business experience.

Example: I went to one salon for a mastermind meeting. One problem they had was the street was busy but no one walked into their salon. Their salon had been like this for years. I saw the problem and solved that problem using a simple 3-step system that works and has given their salon literally tons of walks in every day.

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SALON MENTOR EXTREME from £9,995 12-Week Period

(Hair Salon Group, Larger Salons or Chains To Be Quoted)

This is my INSANE and bespoke rapid-fire, salon breakthrough and EXTREME hair and beauty salon program over 12-weeks and by far the best value. Perfect for ANY HAIR SALON at ANY LEVEL. Any issue your hairdressing salon has will be fixed.

Example: I hair salon I worked with felt they had a problem with their salon pricing. They didn’t want to raise the hair services prices and had already started discounting. I raised their average by 15% and most other salon services by 50%. It sounds terrifying but the result was as I predicted. NO client loss and a huge increase in salon turnover.
Read more here

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System Building From £2,495

Most prices to be quoted.

This is a bespoke and unique system created for your hair salon based on what your problem is and your potential results using salon proven strategies.

Example: I created a powerful system supported by video training for a large hair salon group called PIONEER. This took around twenty young graduates and showed them how to build their columns in a matter of weeks.

At least three of them went from an unknown in their salons to ending up in the whole of the salon group of over 55-stylsits to their top FIVE earners. This was over a six-week period.

Their takings went from as good as nothing to as high as £1,400 each per week. I can create systems for you in your salon from training graduates to extreme management systems.

Please ask here

Book shop from as low as £1 to £245

All of our hair salon business books are written to help you, inspire you, give you ideas on how to build your salon business. Our best-seller for the past 2-years has been SX-21 the ultimate salon business and salon building manual. Our second best-seller is the hugely successful THE SALON PUNK paperback. That can be found here. (one salon owner called it her Bible)

Is THE SALON PUNK Expertise Worth The Money For Your Hair Salon Business?

  • Salon turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days
  • Salon average bills UP by 586.3%
  • Colour up over 700%
  • Stylist recruitment, management and columns issues solved in under 5-days
  • New salon bursting with clients from opening day
  • Sales of Olaplex and Balayage from UP A MASSIVE 2750%
  • Graduates increasing their columns by 101.3% (one new graduate now takes over £1,700 per week)
  • Stylist increasing their turnover by 465.21%
  • New clients UP by an INCREDIBLE 2633.3%

Alan, Is Your Preeminent Consultancy Services or Salon Mentor Expertise Realy Worth The Money?

As you might know, an expert in control of building your business can earn anything per year from £40,000 to as much as £160,000 and more. They even get paid this for good or lacklustre results.

Bringing a seasoned, respected and proven expert like me into your business as a mentor, a guide or consultant is always cheaper than hiring someone like myself full-time. Sometimes you just don’t need another full-time expert you just need a super-sized-specialist that can give you that extra edge or bigger results much faster.

I have gone into companies just like yours and giving them an increase of 223.7% in just 23-days. I have taken leads valued at £7,500 each from one a day to 17 per hour. I have trained a marketing team to understand how to convert enquiries that resulted in sales of over £300,000 each month. As that mentor and expert, I simply come in and go out once the problem is solved. I think you can see my services and fees are an incredible exchange in value. If you cannot see that I am not for you.

Also, not only have I been in business and building business for over three decades I am still doing this today. Not only do I solve, reconfigure, redesign, innovate and create with clients like yourself I also run my own five businesses each and every day. This includes testing, discovering, understand, learning and fighting through the daily noise of ‘new experts’ to find out what is and what is really working in business and the marketing of a business.

As far as being up-to-date I will tell you this. Any new marketing fad that is mainstream I test it to death to see if it really does or will work for business. I measure success on results only. I need to know for myself and I need to know for my clients like yourself. Even the most controversial of all – social media – can work amazing but can fail spectacularly.

Here are a few numbers for you to look at…

  • Business turnover up by 233.7% in just 23-days saved this business
  • Business average spend UP by 586.3% transformed this client’s business
  • Specialist services up over 700% revealed a huge amount of missing sales
  • Leads worth just under £8,000 on average up from 1-a day to 17-per hour
  • One client increased his turnover from £1,7 million to £2.4 million per annum.
  • Another from £5.5k per week to £10k per week over a 14 week period
  • Another client broke through in sales from zero to has sales of over £485,000 in sales from a single direct mailer.

All had one thing in common – all were stuck until I mentored them into a huge breakthrough.

Let me ask you… do you think my services are worth the money?

I look forward to speaking with you very soon and helping you do more with your business.

CONTACT ME NOW: WhatsApp: +44 7793069486

Alan, Is There a Guarantee?

If you mean cashback the answer is NO and I will tell you why. I guarantee you will get three decades of high-end premium results-driven experience. I guarantee to show you how I write sales letters that gave me hundreds of thousands in sales if that is what you need. I guarantee to show you the skills that have given me a life I can live on my own terms and work when I want to work. I even guarantee to give you all of the tools I use myself and for my clients to find and close the perfect solution for your business. I guarantee to share with you my time that clients pay £1,200 per hour for. I also guarantee to look over your work, your business, to mentor you, to advise you and to show you the way to becoming a stronger business. I guarantee you my commitment to you during that period of weeks we work together. I guarantee you will have the same tools my previous successful mentor clients have and that have already generated thousands upon thousands of pounds and created new lives and businesses for me previous mentor clients just like yourself.

Applying and doing it is the only thing I cannot guarantee – that is up to you.

If You Are Desperate And Need Cash Urgently or Are Terrified Of Losing Your Investment … Working With Me Isn’t For You

The reality is that you can read from my testimonials and huge experience is most of my clients get their investment back pretty fast. Recently Chris had his investment back in just 3-weeks (his full investment and more) yet not all mentor clients are like that. Linda emailed me to let me know after 8-years working with me she now has the number one business in Bali that is mentioned in every high-end magazine online and offline. Yet I have also had Steve that generated over $90,000 in just 12-weeks through his new business. Or another Steve that generated just over £60,000 just 3-weeks after working with me. The variable is far too great to cover any fear and speed on your investment.

All I can say is this. It will happen as fast as YOU make it happen. I cannot make you the world’s best business or pile riches on you. I can only guarantee to share with you what I have been doing and what I have trained others to do very successfully now for over three decades.

  • Another client had a 47% response rate to a direct mailer.
  • Yet another increased his business turnover by over £300,000 per month.
  • Another client saw response rates go from zero to 83%.
  • One of my clients experienced over $7 million in sales from one single direct marketing campaign I created for him.
  • And finally, after just one face-to-face meeting yet another client increased her consulting business by £35,000 in a month.

Right now you probably have three options.

OPTION 1. Pay your team that keeps failing to try once again to fix it. As you know the expense in staff and all the other costs – including lost sales is absolutely huge.

OPTION 2. Hire yet another ‘expert’ based on their fee just knowing that you’ll be faced with the same disappointment once again.

OPTION 3. Or ask an actual expert – a real MENTOR with over three decades of PROVEN business, direct response marketing and front-line experience that has a huge track record of huge success in fixing conversions and response issues!

This Is The Kind Of Superior Results I Advise, Consult and Mentor…

  • Fixed in 12-hours – results over £42,000 in sales
  • Fixed after 6-hours – result over £35,000 in sales
  • Fixed in 24 hours – result in over $84,000 in sales
  • Fixed in 60-minutes – results from instant campaign savings of over £100,000
  • Fixed over 24-hours – result over £200,000 in sales
  • Website conversions – fixed
  • Direct mail conversion from 0-47% conversion – fixed
  • Email conversion from below 1% to 19% – fixed
  • Strategy conversion from all over the place to a powerful converting system – fixed
  • Brand conversion from invisible to everywhere – fixed

‘One of the most brilliant minds on the planet’ … Jay Conrad Levinson

If you like the idea of working with a premium mentor I would love to speak with you and see if we are a fit. Give me a call and lets start a conversation.

Go to my contact page or grab hold of me right now by sending a message to

  • WhatsApp: +44 7793069486
  • iMessenger:

I can’t wait to help you transform your hairdressing salon.

Alan, The Hair Super Salon Business Consultant, The Salon Punk.