Specialists in Premium Business Training for Salon Owners and Salon Teams

We think you’ll love what we do because everything we do is not just breakthrough but tested to deliver real results for your salon.

We can train up to 30 members of your team at any one time. We can train individuals. We can train a handful and we can create bespoke training based around targets for either staff or your salon.

First though …

Our Salon Academy

I hate the idea of training in Hotels. It feels cheap and sleaze ball. I’ve done it and don’t want it for you or myself.

So we created a very cool environment that feeds your creative energy, feeds your mind, feeds your desire to be the best and will feel safe and comfortable like home rather than a high-pressure training environment.

Based in Cheshires Golden Triangle in Hale. Surrounded by the rich and famous and in a village with the most beautiful trees and people you’ll feel absolutely totally invigorated when you come and train with us.

Accommodation can be as good as you want it. Restaurants like Victors is always packed with famous faces with a line of low-life paparazzi outside waiting to devour the famous. Maybe you’ll see you photo in Hello, OK or Cheshire Life. It’s nuts but pretty cool.

Or simply walk over to Costa and have a coffee next to another recognised star from TV or film (I was sitting next to Christopher Eccleston the other day).

And cars… You won’t have seen much like it outside Kensington. The volume of super cars mixed with Bentleys is huge – just cool to be honest!

That is where our academy is based. In the thick of everything right in the middle so not only will we look after you but you won’t miss a lot here.

Inside Salon Punk Academy

I’ll tell you now we look nothing like a salon, nothing like a hotel room and everything like a creative space. See the photo (note the rooms are not finished in the photos).

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We can mastermind, breakthrough, turnaround your salon or we can take 10-25 of your team into our ‘writers room’ and help build your business very fast.

Our Experts

I have been in business since being 10 years old. Hairdressing since the late 70s. Trained since 1982. Three salons since 1989.  I sold my salons by 2003. Worked with hundreds of salons since 2003 – today! Have also worked and consulted with over 400 different industries outside the salon business. Business from Fortune 50-500s, large corporations to new start-ups. What I bring to the marketplace is totally unique and built around one word only – RESULTS!

My wife Tamara has been involved in marketing since 2009. Formerly from the corporate world in London and now hanging out here with me – her husband doing great things for salon owners like yourself.

Our Courses & Trainings

Salon Column Builder Extreme

Two-day masterclass and workshop.  £445 + VAT

Designed to give you hundreds of clients, packed columns and busy teams faster than fast! No waiting, everything is tested and we only share with you what works. A brilliant two-day class and workshop.

Call now for more details 0161 928 8328 and to get questions answered.

Graduate Column Builder Extreme

Two-day masterclass and workshop.  £445 + VAT

You don’t have time to train your graduates to fill their columns yet they are dying to get on the shop floor. You know if you don’t unleash them soon they will probably leave which means all the training you did is given to another salon while you have to start again. A brilliant 2-day course for young, smart, savvy switched on graduates that are ready to rock n roll. We will send them back to you like a sex pistol ready to create huge waves and of course a packed column fast!

Call now for more details 0161 928 8328 and to get questions answered.

Salon Breakthrough Extreme

Full day, half day and hourly slots. Price to be quoted.

If your salon is stuck and you need to breakthrough into a new level, this is it. As an example – if you are stuck at that 4-5 stylist level but dream of getting 8-12 stylists in bigger premises, this is exactly for you. Proven systems, strategies and powerful breakthroughs designed to innovate and build your salon business as fast as possible.

Call now for more details 0161 928 8328 and to get questions answered.

Salon Turnaround Extreme

A 21-Day commitment is required. Price to be quoted.

Behind on everything and about to close? You think the only option is to sell or run like hell and hide? Don’t worry it can all be fixed and fixed fast. I have years of experience in turning business around. Call me and lets talk.

Call now for more details 0161 928 8328 and to get questions answered.

Salon Marketing Extreme

Bespoke – Price to be quoted.

Alan’s 31 years plus of marketing experience absolutely bespoke and created around your salon. When experts need help they usually come to Alan. If you are sick of trying fads or the latest and greatest new thing this day is perfect for you and your salon. You’ll leave with a strong plan of action ready to get your salon on stage and rocking like a Ramone!

Call now for more details 0161 928 8328 and to get questions answered.

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Alan & Tamara Forrest Smith