Been busy with your material.

This is what I think about the material. The first moment when I started to download it I know it was the right thing.
I felt huge inspiration. This material is really important for me cause I am working in a village, that means you gotta get the clients to get there.

Everything was there, but it was really one thing that I felt was missing.
You got the voucher and ads. But when you open a new small salon in a village you need to make flyers and put them in the mailboxes, not just when you open like 4 times a year.

Everything in the package is so great I just would like to see ideas about flyers for the villages hair salons.
This is what I did already. I used your Idea about recommend a friend, but I did it a little bit different. I used my business cards and on the backside I printed the offer, I give my clients that like 10 each and I didn’t use off on service. I called places where you buy hair products and asked them if they had something they wanted to get rid off so I could buy them cheap and I told them my idea of giving them away.

I told them my idea of giving them away.

I bought stuff for 10 Swedish crowns like 10 dollars each I mean brands that people know shampoo gel, hairspray everything. so I give them one product for every new client. So the women that works in our food store give them out to nearly everyone she knows. Of course I have done her hair already.

I gave her limit time of course. So I ended up with 1 dollar each new client and I didn’t lowered my price.
I forgot of course the friend also get a product it cost me 2 dollars sorry. I will let you know more what I am doing. But Alan if you got an idea about the flyers please let me know. That was the only missing link the way I see it.
Fabulous package. I am on my way now. Thank you so much.

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