“I just wanted to say thank you to Alan.

I married into hairdressing 9 years ago so im not a hairdresser, when i lost my job in the down turn and my wife was looking to sell her salon after having our first child, it was really rough, i came across some of Alan stuff online and joined his membership site on monthly payment thing

This was bad for Alan 🙂 but good for me because in one week i had enuff stuff to take my wife salon from a 2 chair drive thru village salon in Ireland to where we are now.

This year we moved to a bigger town so I bought the xtreme 21 and OMG, everything that Alan said to do I did, now wifey only works in salon on Saturdays, we paying for our house no bothers and Im actually bored and now thinking I need to move into the supplier and wholesale side of the business because I kind of shy having to be in the salon when everything is on autopilot.”

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