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Salon Sampler

September 10, 2017

Salon Sampler

NEW: Salon Sampler 3-Part Webinar Starts September 4th – The Most Effective The Most Simple And Probably The Ultimate Salon Building Marketing Program I’ve Ever Created!

I’ll show you how you can have this program absolutely FREE!

DATES & TIME: 4th September, 7PM, GMT

  • 4th September, 7PM, GMT
  • 11th September, 7PM, GMT
  • 18th September, 7PM, GMT

All You Need is

  • A Smartphone/iPhone
  • Ability to press send
  • A system that is 100% proven

You Don’t Need

  • Expensive salon computing system
  • Salon training or any fancy gizmo
  • All you need is to know the 1,2,3 of Salon Sampler.

This Is Salon Marketing Proven, Stripped Back, Low Cost, Simple and Guaranteed To Pack Out Your Salon As You Will Soon See.

Warning: This program goes against all the endless industry B.S. you’ve been taught about marketing your salon.

  • Name a number – I’ll show you exactly how to generate that number in your salon

  • How to fill columns faster & easier than ever

  • The easiest way to get all of your stylists busy

  • The secret salon program guaranteed to take you more money

  • Discover a truly simple salon building program in just 3-steps!

  • A minimum amount of time for a maximum return for your salon

  • One program – one system – incredibly easy!

This is a 3-Part Training You Can Join From Your Own Home – On Your Smartphone or Computer!

Read with an open mind expect to resist what you read – ignore at a price!

Dear Salon Owner.

I get it. I started in the hair business in 1982.

I did my first haircut when I was 14-years old. I trained from 1982. I opened my first salon in 1989. My second salon in 1991 and my third salon in 1994. I’ve been working with salons just like yours since 1999. I’ve probably faced and solved every salon business problem you can throw at me.

Today’s Salon Marketing Is a Mess – Here’s The Fix!

Today, never ever in my life have I seen so much confusion, bad advice and randomly thought out marketing for salons like yours in my 33-years in business. It’s killing some salon businesses and playing with your life!


I’m just like you.

I’ve had enough. I’m sick of seeing amateurs playing with your salon life.

If your salon goes bad – your life goes bad. That means you won’t be happy. Everyone wants happiness you need happiness. When your salon works you get more happiness than you can handle right!

This Works – NEW SALON SAMPLER – Truly, Brilliantly Simple Salon Marketing At Its Most Powerful!

I’ll explain why.

I know what you want – You want more clients that spend more money. that’s it.

You make them look good and they pay you for making them look good. It’s a wonderful exchange.

More clients means more business and a better life for you.

More business means more cash in the drawer. If there’s cash everything can be paid.

Am I right?

So right now there is around £7 Billion being spent in the UK alone in over 54,000 hair and beauty salons. The trends are up. Clients want to look cooler than ever for selfies, Facebook, Instagram and any other show and tell online.

Are you getting your share of the massive spending?

If what I see time and again from salon owners I am going to guess and say … probably not or not as much as you’d like!

Now I will say this … If you have to think about joining this training because of the price – it isn’t for you – no way. I built my own businesses investing into making it work. Salon Sampler will blow you away and will deliver results.

NEW SALON SAMPLER PROGRAM: A Simple One-Stop Salon Marketing Solution That Works!

So I was asked this question.

“Alan if you had one and one thing only to get any salon busy what would it be?”

This was a good question from a salon owner like you who is faced with a mass of salon marketing confusion.

So I sat and thought about it.

I’d been in the hair and beauty business since 1982. I’d had my own three salons during that time. I was in a town with 35 other salons. I started from new and hit the No.1 slot in 18-months. I also had the highest prices.

Today I have not only worked with salon owners like yourself but I have also worked in over 400 different industries so I’ve seen a lot of stuff failing and working from the inside.

The One Thing?

So this one thing – what would I use THAT DEFINITELY WORKS? I spent time thinking about this. I took everything I know from 33-years building businesses and marketing businesses and stripped everything back. I did it on the basis of how simple it was and how much time it takes.

Also this year alone I had worked with well over seventy salon owners. All had everything needed for marketing in place yet all were confused and still not sure how to move forward. Salon owners clearly needed more business from clients and some needed it fast!

My job was clear – I had to remove the confusion because here is what I know and what salon owners are telling me

  • Just having a Facebook fan page doesn’t mean you’ll get busy
  • Having a salon computer doesn’t mean more clients
  • Having social media managers posting endless free content doesn’t equal cash in the drawer
  • Trying all kinds of marketing just once doesn’t mean you’ll create a busy thriving salon business
  • Ordering more stock won’t and doesn’t increase retail sales
  • Doing even more colour training doesn’t even mean you’ll have more colours booked in

So the real question is this.


What one thing is so simple, so easy, tested, proven and has worked for decades in thousands of different businesses and also works brilliantly well in the salon business?

This Will Go Against EVERYTHING You keep getting Told About marketing your Salon Yet – Is What you are Being Told Actually Working?

I need to take you back for a moment into my salons if that’s ok?

When I opened my salons I didn’t have time or money to do marketing.

The time was an issue. I had a new baby and another on the way, had moved house and needed clients fast. No clients meant no money. No money meant the threat of the salon shutting down. Now even in 1989 I was being sold what was going to work to get me busy.

  • Yellow pages told me to get big space because it would make me very busy. I got the space and nothing happened.
  • Newspapers told me to get big colour advert to get busy. I got them and nothing happened.
  • Reps told me if I got more retail that would make me busy. I got more retail and still, nothing happened apart from huge invoices

All that really happened was I had spent a ton of money and couldn’t now pay the invoices. Now I had debt and it was growing.

This Will Sound Weird – The Postman Delivered Margarine – That Was a Moment Changed My Salons.

One day I got home after another slow day in my salon. The postman had delivered my mail. In the mail was a sample of margarine called Flora.

My first reaction was not to use because I grew up on very salty butter in Scotland. I tried it and read the benefits of margarine. I also liked the taste.

The next time we went to the shops I went and bought Flora margarine. Then for the next twenty plus years I bought only Flora.

Back then though I realised this. They gave me ‘Flora’ margarine as a sample absolutely free – no strings attached. The act of them giving me the margarine for free including actually posting it maybe cost them a couple of pounds and then to all the other homes in the UK the cost must have gone into the millions.

Yet I went from someone that had never heard of Flora to a customer for decades. Can you imagine how much I must have spent on Flora margarine over all of those years? Flora is the No.1 margarine in the UK even today.

Give Hairdressing Away – Not As You Might Have Been Taught.

I thought what if I give away hairdressing? (don’t switch off – this isn’t what you think) So I created a plan all of those years ago and started to give hairdressing away.


Because it was easy when you know how.

Because it was simple for a salon owner like myself that didn’t have a clue.

It had to be as easy as 1,2,3, and it was once I knew exactly how.

And I can share this with you.

That one thing – FREE-  transformed my salons. It gave me tons of clients. It packed out stylist’s columns. It put money in the drawer.

And honestly – it made me happy!

Yet I Doubt You’ll Want To Do It – Here’s Why

I’ll tell you what is was and how it worked. FREE hairdressing has been around for years. Yet I’ve never seen anyone teach it the perfect way. The ‘experts’ will tell you just do as many FREE haircuts as possible and if they like you they will come back.

NO NO NO That’s B.S!

Flora never gave anything away.

They gave me a SAMPLE.

That sample was supported by a precise system of selling.

That system was very simple when followed.

It was scientific.

It was an art.

It was carefully worked out.

It was designed with purpose.

It was created so nothing free was given just a SAMPLE.

FREE is FREE – No one values FREE.

Yet samples are highly valuable. That’s the way I did it in my salons. That’s the way I’ve done it in other salons. That’s the way I have used sampling in literally dozens of other businesses outside the industry.

And Listen To This.

This isn’t another fad.

This is proven.

This is easy.

And if it was the one tool I would use in any salon – this is that tool.

Sampling Comes With a Warning… Avoid Expert Advice

Now I want you to know I have spent almost three decades doing what I do. Sampling has always been a big part of that which I teach in many industries. But If you get sampling wrong it can easily destroy your salon business. I have broken down everything for you in detailed steps.


SALON SAMPLER is unique in salon marketing.

There is NOTHING like this.

Here’s why.

After 33-years in direct marketing, I have stripped back everything, removed the confusion and created something so incredibly simple it just can’t fail.

Every salon on planet Earth needs SALON SAMPLER.

SALON SAMPLER is a 3-part program where you will learn, simple, easy to follow, proven and a simplified training program on how to create the ultimate salon sampling program ever!

This is a webinar video and audio program streamed online with downloadable worksheets. 

The program runs in 3-parts and can be listened to and watched time and time again.

Who is salon sampler FOR?

All salons regardless of the years being open because ALL salons need clarity and clients and of course cash in the drawer.

SALON SAMPLER is designed to keep your marketing simple, fast and effective. In other words, more clients, more cash in the drawer!

Why should I be part of SALON SAMPLER?

You’d be nuts not to and here’s why. Over the years I have trained and worked with literally thousands of hair and beauty salons. They all share one problem – confusion on what will get their salon busier.

SALON SAMPLER is the ultimate, stripped back program for salons that want a packed salon but don’t want the hassle of the complicated, expensive and rip-off advice that is widespread online. It works its really that simple!

What will SALON SAMPLER do for my salon business?

Fill every seat, give you a more professional approach, give you a system that is brain dead simple and works, put clients in every seat, give you more time for yourself and put more cash in the drawer.

How fast does SALON SAMPLER work?

After the first training session if you are good and do as you are told you will see results almost as soon as you put things into practice.

What kind of results can I expect from SALON SAMPLER?

I took three salons from scratch with no reputation to the number one in each town. I spent no money on marketing. You can expect visible results; cash in the bank and clients through your door fast! What’s On Your Mind?

Now you might be thinking you can do a FREE hairdressing program on your own you don’t need me to show you?

Go on then try it and see what happens because I want you to remember this next line…


… No one will show you what I am going to show you.

It is scientifically tested, it is proven and it is carefully worked out so every single outcome is covered. It just isn’t possible that my program can have a negative effect on your salon.

And believe me, there will be pretenders that read this page and try to copy what I am going to show you.

Just remember I have been doing this in over 400 industries for the past 31-years. I have studied sampling programs inside out and not only do I know what works I know what to avoid like the plague so you don’t start destroying your business.

So see below and read exactly what you’ll be getting once you join. In a nutshell, you will get… A stripped back brain dead simple salon-marketing program I have named SALON SAMPLER that does actually works. •

Full Salon Sampler £250

(This equals to £3.00 a day… the price of your daily cup of coffee )

3-Part Salon Sampler includes access to:

  • 3-Part webinar of salon mentoring through Salon Sampler
  • Worksheets, downloads
  • Email and follow up support
  • Live Q&A – Answer from Alan in real time
  • Recordings
  • 15% off on all other products/events
  • Access to exclusive salon marketing articles

Everything can be replayed and accessed as long as you’re a SALON SAMPLER member.

How To Get Salon Sampler FREE

Salon Sampler is £250 U.K.

What if I guarantee to show you exactly how to get that amount or more back into your bank?

That means if you spend £250 I guarantee to show you how to make that £250 back AFTER THE FIRST part of the training. In other words after part one of the training you will have the ability to make your money back!

In other words – salon sampler cost is FREE and you have the system for the whole life of your salon.

And you know what else is very cool If you stop right now every marketing program you are doing and do just this one thing properly … it will and can transform your salon business.


Not only is this the ultimate but also it is the best marketing program you will ever use in your salon guaranteed.

  • I deliberately kept the price low
  • I have removed any risk by making it free for you (I’ll show you how to make that £250 back right away)
  • I have used only proven tactics to build this for you
  • I have made it ridiculously affordable
  • And finally, if you don’t like what you see ask for a refund

The First Phase Of This Program Closes Soon To Be Clear … Here’s What’s Inside The SALON SAMPLER Program

Salon Sampler includes access to:

  • 3-Part salon mentoring through Salon Sampler
  • Worksheets, downloads, recording of the program
  • Email and follow up support
  • Live Q&A – Answer from Alan in real time

Everything can be replayed and downloaded.

So you need to be quick – once closed it will absolutely definitely be closed until further notice.

This is so we can look after you at our best rather being stretched too thinly to start with.

SALON SAMPLER Program Starts on September 4th 2017

Grab your place quickly before the salon across the road beats you to it. This program is designed to make sure you are grabbing as many clients as possible in as little time.

This means the salon across the road could be grabbing your clients if they sign up before you do. Act quickly before the program closes.

I am looking forward to helping you simplify everything with your marketing, putting a program into place that gives you cash and clients into your salon faster than ever. I am also looking forward to helping you save marketing spend and waste, to cutting-out a lot of useless advice and giving you results like you’ve never seen before.

Remember this is so simple even a 14-year old junior hairdresser with minimum experience could run this for you once trained. Are you ready to strip away all of your salon marketing confusion and create a program that actually works.


DATES & TIME: 4th September, 7PM, GMT

  • 4th September, 7PM, GMT
  • 11th September, 7PM, GMT
  • 18th September, 7PM, GMT


Q: What happens after I sign-up?

A: You will get 2 emails, the 1st email will acknowledge your order, the 2nd email will contain the details how to access the call and the handouts. The second email might be a little delayed as it is sent out manually but will be sent within 24 hours or sooner. 

Q: Can I get a recording if I miss a call?

A: Yes, you will

Q: Can I ask questions during or after the call?

A: Yes, you can ask questions live or email us and we will reply in details.

Q: I have more questions?

A: Simply chat to us via Livechat on our website; or send us a Facebook Chat message; or email or call us on 01619296902

See you on the other side

Alan and Tamara Forrest Smith

Team Salon Punk


September 10, 2017

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