your salon business

The power of walking and the effect it will have on your salon business.

Did you drive to your salon this morning?

After looking outside at the red sky I decided it would be best to walk my son to nursery. Rain or shine the reason is good enough reason to do it.

Being outside feeling the wind against your face is a human sensation. Hearing the birds getting ready to breed is an attack on the ear senses. Using our body to walk whilst feeling the pummel of our feet on the ground, lumps, bumps and holes is also another real human sensation.

Those sensations are what activates the brain into starting, moving and producing more thoughts. We don’t get that same sensation where all of our senses are engaged driving to work. Or even taking other public transport especially if we are holding a phone and endlessly scrolling at moments or reels we instantly forget.

The interesting part about this for your salon business and you as a salon owner is this. It gives you reflective time to think about your salon business whilst being stimulated by natural forces that force the mind to activate and think. And sometimes we just need time to do that – to think. You need time to think about your salon business. You need power from your mind to help you navigate real salon issues. Stimulating your senses is what will activate your brain to help your salon business get stronger.

So if you didn’t manage that walk this morning maybe later in the day when you get a break take a walk outside your salon and for gods sake leave your distracting, mind-numbing phone in the salon.

I guarantee if you do this for a week and more your staff will notice, your family will notice and you will notice how much calmer and controlled you are. All that is free outside your door daily in nature.

This will reflect in your salon business and how you slow the problems you have in your salon.

The Salon Punk.