build your salon business

Saying YES in your life and business will help you build a better hairdressing salon.

Get all of the staff in your salon to do this one you have done it.

But first;

I spent a lot of my life saying no.

Alan, would you like this? No.

Alan, should we do this? No.

Alan, do you like this? No.

And I’ve no idea why. It needed to reset my mind.

So after I got divorced many moons ago I decided to jump on a plane to New York for a long weekend on my own and say YES to everything that came my way. And I did.

It felt hugely uncomfortable, but I did it.

Here’s an actual example. Most of my life I went to bed at around 11pm. The thought of doing anything otherwise would freak me out. So I met a pal in New York. He called me and told me he would meet me at around half past midnight under the empire state building and then we would go to a club. He said, “OK?”

I hesitated to reply and then said YES!

I went but my mind was freaking out. What am I doing. I should be in bed. It’s far too late. I haven’t been out to this time since I was a kid.

We went, I loved it, it was crazy. I was taken to a massive club with at least a thousand black rap fans bouncing up and down all night. My pal and me were the only two white people I saw all night. loved it! Yet I had spent my whole life saying no to things like this. If I had said no I would have missed an amazing experience I am still talking about today.

Yes the real question is why did saying ‘yes’ feel so uncomfortable for me?

Years of habits and embedding thoughts can start to restrict us without thinking we are being restricted. That is why it is a bad habit. Making a conscious choice to unblock and unlock my mind and say yes to everything gave me a different approach to the same old things.

Frankly it was part of the making of a new me and a new business.

For example with my consulting business years ago I rarely went and met anyone face-to-face. I just didn’t feel that comfortable doing it and after years of being a hairdresser I’d had enough of close contact.

Then someone asked me to jump on a plane to Melbourne of all places to reconfigure their business. My instinct was to say no but I said YES. It was the most amazing trip where I was gifted first-class everything. In the past I would say no.

How many new habits have been forced on you or have you adopted during this pandemic period?

You have said no for all kinds of reasons. Those reasons are not only working against you but are working against your hair salon business.

Look at this; I have yet to meet a salon owner that wants to say yes when I advise them to hand out real paper leaflets all over their town. Their instinct is always to say no and post away online. And post-pandemic even worse.

Yet the results from mass leaflets over a longer period of time can have an incredible effect on salon business and growth. I have DOUBLED salon turnover using just leaflets. DOUBLED! Yet most salon owners resist doing them. Why? Habit and embedded thinking.

So today ask yourself this question.

When I always say no today will I say “yes.” Once you say yes can you speak with your salon team and get them to say yes also?

Then once you say yes just sit and watch the yes effect take place in your day for the better.

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How to build a hair salon
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How to build a hair salon
Saying yes when you always say no will help you build your hairdressing salon.
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