I know you will want to get clients back into your salon. Your mind has been under constant attack for the past two years. We need to fix this.

Billions have been invested into making sure you are scared shitless during this pandemic. In the U.K. the government hired a nudge squad during that period to make sure you would be terrifying in complying. Yet you need to get clients back into your salon fast.

After everything you have been through during this pandemic and the chaos caused to your business it is critical that you must reset your mind for a successful salon in the future.

You need to get clients back into your salon again.

Let me ask you;

Have you ever done a hard reset on your phone?

Have you ever done a hard reset on your life?

How about a hard reset on your mind?

If you want to rebuild your hairdressing salon and make 2022 your breakthrough year, you have to reset how you think, how you feel and how you see this post pandemic world, otherwise you might end up stuck to one place.

As life goes forward from the pandemic our minds have possibly become set by what we think is and isn’t right. It should be done this way and that way. We have become transfixed by rules even government officials refused to keep. Thankfully real life isn’t like their new normal. And the ways we used to do things can have a sell-by date. In other words they stop working.

Moving forward; One of the most common things I’ve seen in salons for building business is the OVER-USE of social media to try and build a business. Yet most salon owners tell me they really don’t get that many appointments or sales through social media. When I ask them why they are doing it then? They always look puzzled and are not sure why they are doing it. This is an example of where the mind has to be reset.

The pandemic created false fixations that have to be removed from our minds and reset if we want a number one salon.

In March 2010 at the end of a divorce it felt as if not just my first marriage, but my life as a successful businessman had come to a catastrophic end. That is what my mind was telling me. After years of rules and fighting I needed a drastic reset. So Early April 2010 I jumped on a plane and flew to California. I spent months alone at the top pf a small mountain in the middle of a redwood forest in a location called Santa Cruz.

It was just me, tons of raccoons the odd mountain lion and long lonely days. But something strange happened to me in those days. I flew home when I was ready to fly home with a mind that had been reset. I felt clean of the chaos of life because I had forced myself to look at life again from a different angle. It worked, today I feel I have a wonderful life.

After the past two years whether we feel it or not we have been embedded with new ways of thinking. Rules, restrictions and even blatant and endless lies. Though fear being the biggest mental restrictor and thought. This fear will transfer into how we run our hairdressing salon business so it’s a thought that we need to urgently reset if we are to create more success.

To reset your mind so you can rebuild your salon means creating a series of new habits. These habits will clear out the old habits and reset your mind. Some will not be easy to shift. You must do them to help you get clients back into your salon again.

This will help you. I do this to reset my thinking.

I ask myself lots of questions and force myself to answer those questions honestly.

Let’s look at our daily habits.

  • I drink loads of coffee daily. Is drinking that amount of coffee good for me?
  • I spend at least 6-hours on my phone? How’s does that affect my thinking?
  • I read the news everyday? Does that make me feel good?
  • Am I endlessly busy reading other peoples news? Does this leave no space for my own creating of my own good news?
  • Am I now living a life of fear after what has been? Is this fear stopping me from growing my hair salon?
  • Am I suspicious of almost everyone and terrified they will infect me? How do I create more balance in my thinking?

In other words identify your daily habits and then commit to a full 30-days of no longer practicing them. This will be tough because after 3-days you’ll want to be all over your phone again. It’ll also be tough because our minds have been told to do the same as everyone else is doing. We will keep telling us we are doing it all for others. But let’s get real and move forward here.

You have a hairdressing salon to make busy, to fill, to pack out with clients and to make sure you are well rewarded for everything you go through as a hair salon owner and employer.

To reset and rebuild, get clients back into your salon again and your salon you must recognise what has taken place in your mind and take action to reset it.

Will you?

The Salon Punk.

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