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WEDNESDAY: increase your takings

Did you create a list of things to be done? Did you get more clients through your door? Don’t worry I get it I understand that running a salon can be mental! So here is what you can do today – Wednesday – to get your takings up. Write another list (oh shit lol) and…


TUESDAY: fill the columns

How do you fill columns on Tuesday? Yesterday we talked about creating a list or two on Monday’s (not my fav thing to do) but we did it. My own salon Tuesday was like this: So I would jump in my mini copper and drive over to my salon 5-miles away. The 5-mile drive could…


Christmas salon marketing_salon shopwindow

7 Steps to a better salon marketing this Christmas

Salon marketing for Christmas? Dear Salon Owner You’ve been working your butt off for the whole year to get your salon packed with customers for the serious fever ahead. Christmas is approaching, and it’s time to really own this thing – which means getting serious about salon marketing promotions for every week and days that…


Salon Marketing with Ugly Flyers

Hard to believe that flyer has generated over £25,000! OK this might sound simple but I do know most don’t do it the proper way. Just a week or so ago a consulting client of mine had no customers into his new business. His business wasn’t a salon, it was a carpet shop. He was…